SOURCE: The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show

The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show

October 07, 2014 06:00 ET

Fall Fix Up Tips for Home Improvement From Radio's "The Money Pit"

Expert Tips Add Warmth and Security to Short Days and Chilly Nights

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2014) - Americans spend more time indoors through fall and winter than they do during warmer seasons which makes now "the perfect time to add comfort and security to your home before those long months inside," says Tom Kraeutler, home improvement expert and syndicated radio show host of The Money Pit.

Kraeutler and co-host Leslie Segrete recommend the following fall fix up solutions for the season ahead:

Warm light, cool savings
"Most consumers want energy savings, but not those squiggly-shaped CFL bulbs peeking out from lighting fixtures," says Segrete. "Cree LED replacement bulbs combine the look and illumination of incandescent bulbs with modern efficiency -- and huge savings." Available at The Home Depot for less than ten dollars each, Cree LED 40-watt and 60-watt replacement bulbs last as long as twenty years, delivering a savings of $139 over the lifetime of each bulb. "Cree LED bulbs use only a dollar's worth of energy a year, compared to $7 for incandescents and still provide that warm look and feel." Learn more at

Keep power in any emergency
"Some homeowners assume standby home generators are out of reach," says Kraeutler. "But affordable versions have hit the market, and the standout is the KOHLER 8-Kilowatt." Offering the same automatic backup and endurance featured in premium models, the KOHLER 8-Kilowatt Home Standby Generator allows you to power select critical areas in your home during an outage, at a wallet-friendly price. "Whether it's a home-based business, appliance, or family member young or old who can't afford interruption, KOHLER provides reliable, ongoing power fueled by your home's existing natural gas or propane." Look for it online at

Control your garage door -- even while you're gone
Ever worried you've left your garage door open after leaving your home? Adding the Chamberlain MyQ Garage smartphone controller means never worrying about it again. MyQ Garage is as effortless as it is essential: Download the free Chamberlain MyQ Home Control App, mount the wireless hub next to your garage opener and the sensor to the door, and control your garage door from any place, at any time. Built-in safety precautions are also there when you can't be: Alerts sound as the garage door closes, and sensors prevent closure on anything in the door's path. Learn more at

Winter lawn protection
"Fuel your lawn for the seasons ahead by fertilizing now before winter sets in," advises Kraeutler. Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer with Assurance Particle Technology offers foolproof nourishment and protection for your lawn and an even feeding, even greening, no burn guarantee. Available in select Vigoro fertilizers, Assurance Particle Technology delivers small, light particles within fertilizer that spread more evenly, and stick better to unwanted weeds in Vigoro's Weed & Feed, assuring healthy sustenance through the cold winter and optimal weed control come spring. Vigoro's entire value-priced line is available exclusively at The Home Depot. Learn more at

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