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October 29, 2013 12:06 ET

Fama and Shiller Win Nobel Prize for Economics; Beacon Capital Management Subscribes to Winning Investment Philosophy

Beacon Combines Nobel Theories in Proprietary Vantage 2.0 Portfolios

DAYTON, OH--(Marketwired - October 29, 2013) - Economists Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller, along with Lars Peter Hansen, received the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics on October 14th. The three split the prize from The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which was awarded for their empirical analysis of asset prices. Beacon Capital Management has combined tenets of Fama's and Shiller's theories into a single investment philosophy designed for investors seeking consistent returns.

"Fama's decades of research shows that in the short term stock picking doesn't work, but that in the long term markets are efficient," states Chris Cook, founder and CEO of Beacon Capital Management. "We too believe that markets are efficient over the long term and allocate equities in our Vantage 2.0 portfolios equally across all market sectors, only rebalancing allocation as it becomes necessary. Portfolios are then allowed to grow in a research-based, simulation-tested way, without the risk of human error."

Shiller's research, Cook explains, shows that despite long-term market efficiency, some financial events occur that are the result of irrational human behavior. "That's why all Beacon portfolios come with risk management strategies built in, to protect an investment portfolio from a sudden market downturn or a catastrophic bubble burst like the dot-com bubble in 2000 or the housing bubble in 2008. Beacon Vantage 2.0 portfolios include the mechanical investment strategy called stop-loss which automatically sells equities from a portfolio when losses hit 10 percent from the market high."

Beacon Capital Management implements a combination of the two Nobel Prize-wining investment philosophies in order to 'Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.'

Beacon Capital Management was founded to fundamentally improve the investing experience for investors who for decades have been at the mercy of Wall Street recommendations that produce below-average results. By basing portfolio management strategies on scientific research like that of Fama and Shiller, Beacon has created unique products that allow investors to capitalize on market efficiencies while avoiding the catastrophic losses that can decimate a portfolio. 

To learn more about Beacon Capital Management's investment philosophy and proprietary portfolios, visit or call 866-439-9093.

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Beacon Capital Management is a progressive, next-generation registered investment advisory firm dedicated to fundamentally improving the science of investing for fee-based financial advisors and the clients they serve. Beacon Capital Management was founded in July of 2000 to provide diverse portfolio models that include innovative risk management strategies and turnkey asset management solutions. Founder and president Chris Cook aims to empower advisors with innovative investment strategies, advanced back office support systems and a superior level of service and technology. For more information about Beacon Capital Management please visit or call 866-439-9093.

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