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September 09, 2007 12:52 ET

Families Can't Trust Wynne and McGuinty on Faith-Based Funding

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2007) - McGuinty Liberals, in a desperate attempt to divert attention from their broken promise to fix education funding, are denouncing faith-based funding - but the record shows they used to support the same idea.

In a recent householder McGuinty Minister Kathleen Wynne says:

"John Tory threatens to destroy one of the best school systems in the world... John Tory's attempt to buy votes with the promise of public money to private religious schools threatens the viability of the public system - socially and financially." (Re-Elect Kathleen Wynne, 2007)

But before she was elected Kathleen Wynne wanted the Liberals to adopt exactly the same proposal Tory is pushing today:

Kathleen Wynne, who unsuccessfully sought the Liberal nomination in St. Paul's before the last election, says the party could have avoided this mess if it had taken what she calls a "principled stand" in favour of funding for religious schools during the election. She says she personally urged McGuinty's advisers to do just that, apparently to no avail.

"I'm disappointed we didn't come out earlier on this," Wynne says. "I think we could have claimed some ground."

Wynne is talking now about moving toward a confederated school board system. (Now Magazine, May, 2001)

In a later letter to the editor she added:

(I)n Ontario people of one faith get preferential treatment in the school system. This situation is historical and, as such, has become part of the fabric of our society. Because it is part of our history, however, does not mean we cannot question or examine its validity. That is precisely what the United Nations has asked us to do, and that is exactly what I advocate. (Now Magazine, June 7, 2001)

For his part, McGuinty used to believe, "Ideologically, I am not opposed to funding for Jewish schools." (quoted in Toronto Star, May 12, 2001)

For McGuinty Liberals, the same idea that was once a "principled stand" will now "destroy the system" Ontario families won't be fooled. They know McGuinty Liberals are using this issue to distract from their broken promises on education:

- They promised to stop classroom cuts and respect democratically elected trustees - but they forced trustees in Dufferin Peel out of office when they refused to make cuts.

- They promised to ensure adequate classroom resources - but parents are fundraising $500 million a year to pay for classroom essentials.

- They promised to protect students against sky-high tuition - but under McGuinty's plan tuition is climbing as much as 36 per cent.

Once again, it's clear that Dalton McGuinty Liberals will say and promise anything to get elected. Working families deserve better.

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