SOURCE: Family Civil Liberties Union

February 01, 2016 02:00 ET

Family Civil Liberties Union Challenges Family Law Judiciary in Arizona

Arizona Families Coming Together to Take a Stand Against Corruption

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - February 01, 2016) - The Families Civil Liberties Union (FCLU) has filed notice of federal younger doctrine alert to family court judges in Maricopa (18 judges) and Pima (12 judges) counties. Mentioned, also, are two parenting coordinators. This alert claims they are violating federal statutes.

Under this notice, the petitioner would be forced to assert that these criminal acts violate ARS 13-2310, 18 USC 1341, 1349, Chapter 96 and other Federal statutes by exploiting vulnerable families in crisis, including their minor children. This allows the friends of those crafting Rules 72 and 74 take financial advantage of divorced families under the cover of law. The petitioner alleges that actions perpetrated upon the citizens of this State and their innocent minor children would not only be considered grossly disdainful, but criminal.

The Younger Doctrine Alert was established by a legal case in 1971 (Younger v. Harris) which allows Federal jurisdiction when there is dereliction or misconduct at State or local levels. It is essentially an administrative remedy to a legal conduct matter.

"The problem is some parenting coordinators, who are entrusted by the people to help troubled families of divorce, are abusing their power. Their excessively expensive services, abetted by the judges, take advantage of families undergoing divorce," claims Martin Lynch, President of the Arizona Chapter of FCLU.

Specifically mentioned are Rules 72 and 74, which were created by the Arizona Judiciary. These rules address immunity. First, activities which are ministerial and not part of the clinical and reporting functions or activities contrary to a court order are unprotected. Any order issued with the old language which serves to propagate the false and contrived notion of "Judicial Immunity" may render themselves a conspirator in a fraudulent scheme in violation of ARS 13-2310 and/or 18 USC 1341, 1349. Second, no order of appointment may impede anyone's access to the judicial system. The new Rule 74 contains such unlawful language which must be removed either by the Family Court Judge or the Appellate Court or a Federal Court where these infractions may be actionable as Civil Rights violations under 18 USC 241, 242.

On Jan 8, 2016, evidence of the scale of the abuse suffered by the public was filed as CV2015-014152 which is a public document.

The Families Civil Liberties Union is a professional, politically neutral, national activist organization headquartered in New York City, with numerous local chapters. Our goal is to protect families from the family court system until the family court system protects families. We are NOT affiliated with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). We use legislation, litigation, education, industry research, the power of the press and checks and balances to fix a system that damages millions of Americans and our children.

The FCLU mission is the education and promotion of equalized gender rights, fair and standardized laws and practices nationally in relation to Family and Domestic Relations Law. We believe matrimonial attorneys and the judicial system enforcing Family and Domestic Relations Law should be held accountable to provide a system that is fair and unbiased -- one that benefits the family as a whole.

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