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Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia

September 08, 2010 12:12 ET

Family Members of BC Wrongful Death Victims to Meet on September 11

Wrongful Death Law Reform Group Founded Five Years Ago - Meeting in Burnaby this Saturday, September 11

Attention: Assignment Editor, Health/Medical Editor, News Editor, Photo Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor VANCOUVER / BRITISH COLUMBIA / NEWS RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2010) - Many surviving relatives of wrongful death victims will gather in Burnaby on September 11 to renew their call for new legislation and to mark the fifth anniversary of the founding of their Wrongful Death Law Reform Group (WDLRG).

"There have been far too many victims of wrongful death in this province and far too many families have been left helpless by the lack of proper law," said WDLRG member Beatrice Pereira, whose mother Theresa died four years ago as a result of medical negligence. "The families are outraged by the state of the law in BC. The greater public will be shocked and outraged as well, especially once citizens are made aware that - as it stands in British Columbia - children, seniors and the disabled are all worthless in the eyes of the law!"

Since her mother's tragic death, Beatrice has devoted a tremendous amount of time toward a campaign calling for a Wrongful Death Act to be established in BC.

"Initially, a dozen families were involved in this effort," explained group organizer Don Renaud. "Sadly, the number of families involved continues to grow because tragedies continue to happen and the existing legislation continues to fail so many of them. New, fair and effective legislation is needed to provide legal remedies to suffering families. As it exists, the law is only concerned with wage-earners and the economic loss of wrongful death. It totally fails to recognize pain, suffering and other forms of loss, such as loss of guidance, companionship, protection and care."

The current state of the law also continues to send a perverse message to wrongdoers, that it is cheaper to kill than to injure (due to the costs of ongoing care).

Media members are invited to attend as the families gather on Saturday, September 11 inside Bonsor Recreation Centre in Burnaby (6550 Bonsor Avenue). The event begins at 10:30 am. Both Ms. Pereira and Mr. Renaud will speak that day.

The Wrongful Death Law Reform Group is made up of volunteers. It has the support of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities and more than 100 other groups in British Columbia.

In June 2007, the Attorney General's Ministry undertook a consultation on this topic, specifically looking at reform of the existing Family Compensation Act. The consultation concluded in September 2007. To date, there have not been any developments regarding reform of the existing law governing cases of wrongful death.
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