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November 03, 2009 16:20 ET

Family Planning With Ovulation Predictor Kit Ovu-Trac® Can Help Working Mothers Balance Their Lives and Alleviate Stress

HANNA, AB--(Marketwire - November 3, 2009) - Modern-day women have much to juggle in their every day lives -- everything from career to home to children. However, pursuing a career while planning a pregnancy can really add to the stress, particularly when you are trying to plan for both your personal and professional future. Women fear they cannot devote enough time to work while they are trying to conceive. With that fear comes concern about the downtime involved with an actual pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work. As a result, many women turn down job offers, projects and promotions, as was evident in a recent article. However, planning for pregnancy can help many women alleviate much of this stress.

In the last 50 years many women have chosen to delay their pregnancies in pursuit of a career. Statistics show that the percentage of first births to women ages 30 and up have increased fourfold, according to the American Fertility Association (AFA). Waiting might be great for building careers, but may create problems with fertility. The fertility decline actually begins in a woman's late 20s, and increases thereafter at a rate of 3 percent to 5 percent per year. By age 40, a woman has just a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant naturally in any given month.

Family planning is a tricky business. When planning a pregnancy, stress is a negative factor, as it is with many other situations. The actual timing of pregnancy should be the least of a woman's concerns in a perfect world. However, managing conception, pregnancy, motherhood and a career can be done with teamwork. Striking this balance between career and family planning is crucial to your mental health and successful conception. Worrying about your career could be harmful to the pregnancy planning process.

To assist in this process, some women turn to fertility and ovulation predictors to accurately time their conceptions. Ovu-Trac®, a saliva ovulation test and predictor kit, is one such tool that has been used successfully by tens of thousands of women throughout Canada since 1996. It has been found to predict ovulation with 96.2% accuracy. The kit allows women to identify their fertile days by tracking changes in bio-salt concentrations in their saliva, which are fertility indicators, in the privacy of their own homes. Other fertility predictor kits base their ovulation calculations on "regular" 28-day menstrual cycles, which are not typical for many women. The Ovu-Trac kit allows women to accurately predict their fertility based on their specific cycle lengths, allowing them to better plan conception to fit their lives and careers.

In the article, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, advised, "Don't leave before you leave." This means do not pass up opportunities, or find ways to scale back on your own. Talk to your boss and make them a partner in the process. Having a family forces many women to learn to juggle their lives. It's best to start early and practice by learning to balance sooner than later -- with ample support from those around you and family planning tools such as Ovu-Trac.

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