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NextEnergy Inc.

February 10, 2010 09:00 ET

Family Warm-Up: NextEnergy's Geothermal Heating System Takes the Chill Out of Canadian Winters

ELMIRA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 10, 2010) - Many Canadian families endure the frustration of sporadic heating in their homes this time of year. Pockets of hot air waft through the house, leaving some rooms uncomfortably warm and others unbearably cold.

For Valerie and Leslie Marien who live in Ontario's Niagara Escarpment near Orangeville, winters have always required layers of fleece sweaters and wool socks in order to stay warm. "It was a bit like the house of the Three Bears," recalls Valerie, the mother of four grown children. "Our daughter's room was too hot, our son's room was too cold, and the kitchen was just right - likely due to oven use."

The Mariens built their 3,000 square-foot, open-concept house in 1984 on a 34-acre country property, and installed a high-quality air source heat pump. "We were interested in alternative energy at the time, but the systems that were available were very expensive and were still untried and untested," she says.

Though their furnace was top of the line it just couldn't handle the volume of air needed to keep their home comfortable. As a result, no one was ever satisfied during the winter and 'thermostat wars' ensued. "On many cold nights, after my husband had gone to bed, I would sneak out and turn up the heat," Marien recalls.

In October 2009 all of this changed. With their furnace on its last legs and government incentives serving as motivation, the couple decided to install a NextEnergy geothermal system. "It was the best decision we could have made," Marien says, looking out over the field where the system's ground loop was installed. "I love knowing that under that blanket of snow, our land is providing heat to our home."

This past Christmas, with the Marien children home for the holidays, the family was able to enjoy their first winter in a cozy, evenly heated house. "We were all in t-shirts the whole time," she recalls. "It was a really great feeling."

The Mariens chose Bryan's Fuel ( a local, authorized NextEnergy dealer, to install their system. "The entire process took two days; they were here and gone," says Marien. "I was amazed."

The geothermal installation process is much less complex than it may seem. For homes with large yards, installers dig trenches 5 to 6 feet deep. They then install a series of high-density polyethylene pipes to capture the earth's energy. These pipes stretch horizontally over approximately 6,000 square feet depending on your house's heat loss. Within the pipes is an ethanol-water mixture that serves as an efficient conductor of heat. In the winter the liquid circulates in the pipes, absorbing the heat from the ground and returning, warmed up, to the NextEnergy unit inside the house.

"A NextEnergy system heats the house more consistently because it provides a lower temperature heat over a longer period of time," explains Jeff Hunter, New Products Manager with NextEnergy. "Our system can economically manage longer run times due to its high efficiency fan and components. A NextEnergy system will circulate heat equally throughout any house, no matter the size or layout."

Other benefits of geothermal heating are improved indoor air quality, a quiet ventilation system, and less dryness in the air than is typically produced when burning fossil fuels. "NextEnergy geothermal does not require burning or combustion, it is a refrigeration based loop that extracts heat from the ground, adds some energy to it, and releases it into the house at a comfortable and consistent temperature."

Not to mention the environmental and cost-saving factors. "We just got our first hydro bill and our usage is half of what it was this time last year," says Marien. And, installing a NextEnergy geothermal system in your house will achieve carbon emission offsets equal to removing two cars from the road, permanently.

"You can look at that ground loop as a rechargeable battery," explains Hunter. "The ground is a natural energy source that recharges itself throughout the seasons. We give you access to this clean, renewable and local energy."

When will you begin your Next family tradition?

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