December 14, 2011 11:20 ET

FamilyID "Bill of Rights" Enumerates Parent Wish List for Better Program Registration

A Grassroots Revolt Against Inconvenient, Undignified and Repetitive Busy-Work

WESTON, MA--(Marketwire - Dec 14, 2011) - Between signing up and spending lots of hard-earned money for camp, school, sports, art and recreation programs, parents are growing increasingly frustrated filling out an endless parade of registration forms. FamilyID, Inc., the online program and activity marketplace, is helping parents take a stand against inconvenient, inaccurate, repetitive registration forms by publishing the FamilyID Bill of Rights. This tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek set of guidelines expresses a parent wish list for organizations that collect registration information from families.

"We can buy everything from cameras, shoes and dog medication from a single web site. It's crazy that we still have to jump through hoops to sign up for programs. We created the FamilyID Bill of Rights to acknowledge what we all know to be true -- busy parents don't have time for redundant forms and we deserve an easier way to register," said Rochelle Nemrow, FamilyID founder and CEO. "Just as every American enjoys the benefits of our constitution's Bill of Rights, busy families should unite and demand to be afforded the caring and respect intrinsic to the articles in our FamilyID Bill of Rights."

The FamilyID Bill of Rights includes the following articles:

  • We have the right to re-use the information we gave to you last time; we shouldn't have to fill out the same form over and over again. (We don't care if the paper is blue this year.)
  • We have the right to sloppy handwriting that nobody can read, including ourselves.
  • We have the right to know that the second session of kickboxing is full before we waste hours in line. (But, playing Family Feud on Facebook all afternoon -- that's OK.)

View the complete FamilyID Bill of Rights at FamilyID is also collecting suggestions for additional articles for the bill.

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FamilyID is an online program marketplace to find, sign up, pay for and manage program registrations. Families enter their information once to register for a variety of programs. Organizations as diverse as Emerson Umbrella and the Weston Public Schools Athletic Department use FamilyID to improve administrative efficiency, attract new customers, and offer the convenience of online registration. Visit or follow @MyFamilyID on Twitter.

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