Famous PEOPLE Players

Famous PEOPLE Players

May 15, 2008 15:56 ET

Famous PEOPLE Players Announces Salah Bachir, Man of the Year

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 15, 2008) -

Attention Entertainment Editor/Reporters:

The internationally acclaimed Black Light Theatre Company Famous PEOPLE Players has chosen their "Man of the Year" Salah Bachir, President of Cineplex Media. Bachir will be honoured at a Gala with the Who's Who of Toronto on an international scale. Presidents of Blue Chip Companies will all be in attendance.

Hosted by Valerie Pringle and Mathieu Chantelois, we will salute the Man who has been instrumental in making life easier for many worthwhile charities in the City of Toronto and beyond.

Salah Bachir has redefined the terminology for solid citizen. He should be the poster boy for Canada. Picture it: A gay, over the top personality with a wardrobe to match. Known for his flamboyant style and trademark pearls, Bachir is noticed wherever he goes. If his sense of style were not enough, he epitomizes what makes a true Canadian.

Born in Lebanon, Salah immigrated to Canada at the age of 10 and is an enterprising, self-made businessman. He carries "Philanthropy" as his badge of honour. When he embraces a cause, he gives not only of his time but also donates generously out of his own pocketbook. Bachir is considered one of Canada's top patrons of the arts. He is also an avid collector of contemporary art (predominantly Canadian with a collection that is the envy of other collectors and galleries alike). Indeed Bachir is citizen extraordinaire!

The evening begins at 6:00 p.m. with cocktails and appetizers, the performance will be at 8:30 p.m., followed by dessert and coffee at 10:00 p.m.

The dinner will be a culinary feast designed and created by Barry Billingham from the 'Bank of Montreal Learning Centre'. The food will be prepared by the Famous PEOPLE Players themselves under Barry Billingham's artistic culinary leadership.

The performance: Funkyland


Famous PEOPLE Players

Music Composed, Arranged & Adapted by:
the late Dr. Music - Doug Riley

Featuring the Voices of:

The Wolf: Danny B.

Alice: Dione Taylor

The Rabbit: Michael Burgess

The Cheshire Cat: David Clayton Thomas

The Cats Meow/Caterpillar:
Catherine McKinnon

Mad Hatter: Cal Dodd

The Queen of Sharks: Jackie Richardson

Alice: Tara Beaver from
Famous PEOPLE Players

Performance by Famous PEOPLE Players

Lyrics by: J.D. Ibay
with the exception of Spinning Wheel written &
composed by David Clayton Thomas

The $2500 level tables are completely sold out. The money raised from the evening is earmarked for the Famous PEOPLE Players' Centre for Exceptional Achievement, an environmentally green theatre on 84 acres featuring:

- a bio retention garden

- water habitat pond

- earth-berm envelope

- green roof

- solar renewable energy

- geothermal heating and cooling system

- grey water management

- daylighting design

- outdoor classroom areas

- agricultural developmental area -orchard and meadows

Who are Famous PEOPLE Players?

Founded by Order of Canada Member Diane Dupuy to integrate people with special challenges into the communities in 1974. They have won rave reviews on Broadway from 1986 - 1994 and appeared on the hit TV series 7th Heaven, an Aaron Spelling Production. Their TV series Role Play was nominated for a Gemini and production of the second season has just been completed.

A CBS movie of the week 'Special PEOPLE' was made on the founder Diane Dupuy and beginnings of the Famous PEOPLE Players theatre company.

Diane Dupuy is the author of 4 books, Daring to Dream, Throw your Heart Over the Fence, The Little Girl Who Did What! and her recent book The Teacher and the Soul all received accolades.

FPP will be celebrating their 34 birthday on June 1st. As a non profit company they have worked without government subsidies for the past 33 years. This alone says a lot bout the artistic integrity of the company and its leader Diane Dupuy.

For more information on Famous PEOPLE Players and their award winning Dine & Dream theatre, log on to their website www.fpp.org.

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