May 11, 2009 07:00 ET

Famousmales: Robbie Williams Sues Cancer Campaign

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 11, 2009) - Pop Star Robbie Williams is trying to sue cancer campaign "CHECKUM" for using a 'Robbie' look-a-like in a National Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign. Famousmales based in London, sponsors of the campaign have been issued with threats of legal action and injunctions by Robbie Williams Solicitor, Sheridans of London.

The action was instigated by Robbie's Management Company IE MUSIC ltd.

Spokesman for Famousmales the organisation producing and financing the project Mr Marc Gavin said "I'm astonished by the appauling attitude of Robbie's Management Company, particular as the campaign is designed to save lives by giving people vital information about Testicular Cancer. We have over thirty other Top Celebrities taking part and we asked Robbie's PR.Josie Cliff if she could ask Robbie if he would give us 15minutes of his time to take part in the campaign shoot. She said he would not take part. So we asked if we could use a look-a-like instead. The answer was no to that as well. The next thing we knew we had received an email from Sheridans, Robbie's Solicitors, threatening us with legal action and injunctions to stop us using the look-a-likes image. We are sponsoring this project to the tune of Pounds Sterling 200.000 and if we are to have to defend ourselves in court, this action will seriously reduce the amount of funds available for the campaign."

The controversial campaign features Male Celebrities appearing nude with a hard hitting message to get yourself checked if you have worries about the deadly form of Cancer. The campaign includes vital contact and diagnosis information from Cancer Research UK. The National Campaign "CHECKUM" starts in October with extensive newspaper, magazine and poster coverage. Gavin continued "I have worked in television for over 30 years and I'm outraged by the response of Robbie's Management Company, particularly as Robbie himself has a great reputation for helping charities."

Do you know of any top male celebrities who would like to take Robbie's place in the National Campaign please contact via email now! editor@famousmales.uk.net

Pictures available but may be subject to legal issues.

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