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Raining Thoughts Inc.

December 08, 2009 13:52 ET

Fan-Based Approach to Filmmaking Pulls Back the Curtain

ExperienceFandom.com launched December 7, 2009

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 8, 2009) - A new way to experience film has just been unveiled, as ExperienceFandom.com launched at midnight on December 7. Through a limited membership-based website, movie fans will get access to a never-before-seen look at the inner workings of professional feature filmmaking. Members will get a unique window into every aspect of production. From script creation, to casting, to filming and editing, all the way to marketing and delivery, members will have an interactive experience with a world that is typically closed off. The experience will climax with each member receiving a copy of the limited edition DVD, an exclusive Graphic novel of the story, along with the additional perks of the filmmaking experience.

For those not happy with just watching the process, members can enter into a wide range of contests, in addition to uploading their own audition video and participating directly in the casting process. For members not interested in being in front of the camera, there is also the search for the official Production Assistant - with ultimately one PA being selected from the group of applicants.

Through the sheer volume of website content being updated frequently, including film tutorials and extensive footage behind the scenes, as well as participatory message boards and blogs, ExperienceFandom.com is offering a whole new approach to the industry.

"Fandom will finally allow direct communication to occur between filmmakers and a limited group of members during the production process," says creator Tim Martin. "Throughout their experience, members will be both entertained and educated as they are provided with hours of video content, produced in a reality-television style."

Most feature films are funded by big studios who end up dictating the creative content while leaving fans guessing how decisions were made. Tim Martin, and the rest of the Fandom team, believe there is more to film than just the one-way communication that has been the history of the film industry.

"The Internet opens big possibilities to fans," says Martin. "Not only for individuals to share their opinions, but to have their voices heard in a real way which, up until now, has been closed off." In addition, various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are heavily being used to launch a social media campaign to create a grassroots following for the project.

This limited membership is being offered for $19.95 USD, which includes unlimited access to streaming content, the ability to participate in online discussions and contests, plus a copy of the limited edition DVD and Graphic Novel.

About Raining Thoughts

Raining Thoughts (www.rainingthoughts.com) is the Toronto-based media company behind this new venture, bringing together creative staff with decades of experience to create, develop and release new and exciting cross-platform entertainment experiences. Tim Martin, owner of Raining Thoughts, has completed work for many of Canada's top media organizations and broadcasters, including CBC, The Canadian Film Centre, The National Film Board of Canada, Superchannel and Sympatico.ca.

If you would like more information about ExperienceFandom.com, or to schedule an interview with Tim Martin, please call Valerie Croft at 416-597-6977 or email press@experiencefandom.com.

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