May 16, 2011 08:01 ET

FANBOX Launched Two New Online Modules for its MS2 Platform: MS2 TARGETER and MS2 PROMOTION

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC, CANADA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) -FANBOX, the North American leader in relational technologies, announces that it has launched two new online modules for its MS2 platform: MS2 TARGETER and MS2 PROMOTION. These modules now allow our clients to easily and effectively define, in real-time, the segmentation of their target clientele as well as any promotion that targets them. The end result is a quick implementation of a personalized loyalty program.

MS2 TARGETER, an entirely new segmentation module, exploits all fields contained in the databases of customer loyalty and gift card programs. The module helps define a target clientele—information that can then be used for personalized marketing campaigns or promotional offers.

MS2 PROMOTION is a new module that allows a promotion to be applied to specific products or categories (SKU Based). In conjunction with MS2 TARGETER, MS2 promotions are applied to in-store transactions or an e-commerce website in real time.

An access manager allows us to manage our customers' privileges in an entirely parameter-adaptive manner. Access is given in relation to the level of security attributed by the client.

The updating of the MS2 technology platform (version 2.5) also includes increased functionality to post real-time data using dynamic spreadsheets. Search functionality is now available for all information contained in databases.

The new version of MS2 promises to deliver a better management experience for customer loyalty, prepaid card and gift card programs. The MS2 platform allows retailers, distributors and manufacturing businesses to maintain personalized relationships with their customers in real time.

MS2 version 2.5 also includes the following improvements:

- Posting of personalized reports and spreadsheets by users

- New search tools

- The exporting of data contained in spreadsheets in XLS, TXT, JPEG and PDF formats.

- A management interface geared specifically towards the management of retirement communities – COMMUNI-T

"FANBOX has been at the forefront of relational technologies that centre around loyalty programs for nearly 10 years," said FANBOX president Daleyne Guay. "Putting the MS2 TARGETER and MS2 PROMOTION tools online is part of our leadership mission in the field of relational technologies. The personalization of promotional campaigns by the customer as a function of their target market segmentation, category or specific product, is now an integral part of the MS2 platform. The end result is the creation of programs that perform better and respond to ever-changing consumer demands."

FANBOX is a leader in loyalty programs and gift cards. Located in Boucherville (Quebec), the business also has offices in Boston (Massachusetts) as well as Paris (France). Since its founding in 2002, FANBOX has been a leader in technologies and relational marketing. From year to year, thanks to its extensive expertise, FANBOX has continued to set the benchmark for the successful establishment and management of loyalty programs and communities of interest.

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