June 05, 2012 07:00 ET

FANBOX Launches Mobile Component of its Loyalty and Gift Card Programs

Moving towards the eventual elimination of loyalty cards and gift cards

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - June 5, 2012) - FANBOX, a leader in relational technologies and loyalty programs, announces the launch of the new MS2 MOBILE module, enabling access to its MS2 platform through a mobile device. Retailers using FANBOX loyalty and/or gift card programs can now offer consumers the opportunity to transfer their loyalty and gift cards into virtual cards that can be accessed from their smartphones. This means that consumers can now make a transaction with a gift card or earn loyalty points in real-time when they make a purchase by simply presenting the bar codes appearing on their smartphone screens.

As mobile solutions have become progressively more integrated in a variety of sectors, consumers expect to do increasingly more with their smartphones. Instead of having a wallet full of plastic cards, consumers can now, thanks to MS2 MOBILE, collect loyalty points or make purchases at participating merchants with loyalty and gift cards viewed on their smartphones. These virtual cards, accessible via the web or through a mobile app (retailer's choice), allow users to make purchases and accumulate loyalty points, as well as consult their profile in real-time (card balances, total points banked, etc.).

Concretely, FANBOX offers retailers all the tools they'll need to connect to the MS2 platform via a mobile device. Retailers use a REST API (protocol used to exchange data between computer-based platforms, such as websites) created by FANBOX and integrated into a web page or mobile application that allows for data collection in real time. A bar code helps merchants link their transaction system with the mobile platform.

"Mobile solutions are offering new opportunities to make the lives of consumers easier," stated Daleyne Guay, President of FANBOX. "MS2 MOBILE addresses the mobile trend, but it also anticipates the eventual elimination of actual loyalty and gift cards, and thus offers consumers more possibilities and greater ease of use."

MS2's mobile component is now available and will soon be implemented by numerous FANBOX clients.


FANBOX is a North American leader in relational technologies and loyalty programs. FANBOX enables retailers to obtain, in real-time, the customer and product level information they need to deliver customized offers to the marketplace. Its patent pending MS2 platform is unique as it is: simple to interface, scalable for growth and secure for financial transactions. FANBOX's solutions are built on three pillars - all of which rely on the MS2 platform: loyalty programs, gift cards or pre-paid cards, the VIpass reward programs (, and Communi-T, the token-based payment solution for senior residences. FANBOX is based in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada. For more information about FANBOX, visit

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