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December 03, 2014 10:00 ET

FANCL Corp. Uses SAS Analytics to Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Deploys SAS Marketing Automation in Amazon Web Services to Analyze Customer Trends

CARY, NC--(Marketwired - December 03, 2014) - FANCL Corp. has high standards when it comes to the quality of the ingredients it uses in its additive-free cosmetics and nutritional supplements. High standards are maintained in customer care, with the happiness of its customers forming the basis of everything FANCL does. So when FANCL needed to better understand its customers, it turned to SAS, the leader in business analytics, for help.

FANCL is running SAS® Marketing Automation in Amazon Web Services to analyze customer preferences and behaviors, and identify optimal products for individual customers to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prior to implementing SAS, FANCL was challenged by sales data, web-based behavioral data, and campaign data in disparate places. Analysis required manual processing that resulted in operational inefficiency. Using SAS Marketing Automation, FANCL has automated these processes, reducing the work hours needed to produce campaigns.

Customizing the content of its e-newsletter, received by a million of its customers, was the first major initiative FANCL undertook using SAS.

"Since implementing SAS, our e-newsletter has become a much more effective marketing tool," said Hirokazu Sano, manager of FANCL's combined network team and -Internet sales division. "If you're sending the same e-newsletter with the same content to a million people at once, its effectiveness is limited. Now, using SAS' analytics to understand customer trends and preferences we have a magazine that contains the information our customers actually want, not just what we think we should send out."

Detailed analysis of customer data using SAS Marketing Automation has helped FANCL personalize the e-newsletter content for different customers. Open rates for the e-newsletter are double the rate FANCL had anticipated.

"SAS has a strong track record supplying analytics to the retail industry," said Sano. "With SAS' help to perform comprehensive analysis of customer data we anticipate that sales will increase through cross-selling and up-selling, and through improvements in customer satisfaction and response rates. Once we have thoroughly assessed the effectiveness of our online channels we'll push deployment out to O2O (online to offline) including our store, and link results to internet advertising data."

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