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August 10, 2006 10:36 ET

FanSpot Asks: Are You Fan Enough?

First Sport-Centric Social Network Site Released

DALLAS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 10, 2006 -- Online social network Web sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Flickr have captured worldwide attention and member devotion by providing platforms for people to display and distribute their thoughts, music, funny videos -- in essence, their very personalities -- to friends and potential friends around the world.

Somehow overlooked by the proliferation of social media sites, up to now, have been sports fans.

But FanSpot (, the web's first fully sport-centric and dynamic online community, is taking the social network premise, tweaking it and tailoring it exclusively for sports fans.

Featuring the functionality for sports fans to add both friends and rivals to their community, FanSpot will create an environment where members can challenge fellow fans across the country and around the world. These challenges can be issued in a one-on-one format or as an open challenge to the entire FanSpot community.

"FanSpot creates a destination for fans of any sport from anywhere in the world to come together and build their own sports kingdom. This is truly a world that revolves around all things sport- and fan-related," said Peter Gudmundsson, CEO of Beckett Media LP. "Fans can upload photos of everything from their tailgating parties to their favorite players. They can mount their soapboxes and blog about the sports issues that matter to them. They can connect with like-minded fans and they can challenge their rivals in any number of ways.

"Just like at any stadium or sports bar around the world, fans illustrate their passion in a variety of ways. And that's what we want FanSpot to become: The ultimate online destination for the most passionate sports fans on the planet."

FanSpot is built on the premise of being more than a MySpace or Flickr clone reengineered for the sports fan. Filled with dynamic opportunities including the Challenge applications that rely on fan-to-fan interaction, the creators of FanSpot also offer all participants the chance to solve the age-old question "Who won the bet?" When challenges cannot be resolved by the participants, the challenge is moved to the "You Make the Call" area where all FanSpot members evaluate the challenge as well as the comments from the participants before they vote on who they feel is the winner. The majority opinion rules.

"We have created a number of dynamic elements, including the friends/rivals networks, the challenges and the court of public opinion, as well as all the usual bells and whistles such as blogs, photo albums and personal profiles in FanSpot. We have an established network of users that will be invited to participate throughout the launch and we will make a number of appearances at national conventions and major sporting events across the country," added Gudmundsson.

Fans can build their own FanSpot at Media inquiries can be directed to Elon Werner, Director of Communications, 972-448-9034 or (cell) 214-244-1184.

FanSpot is a division of Beckett Media LP.

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