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Farelogix Inc.

March 26, 2009 08:01 ET

Farelogix Delivers Travel Industry's First Open Source Agent Desktop Application

'Project Hawkeye' Now Available for Free Public Download

MIAMI, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - March 26, 2009) - Four and a half months after the initial November 11, 2008 announcement and right on schedule, Farelogix today launched 'Project Hawkeye', the travel industry's first open-source, web-based travel management point-of-sale application. The first release of Hawkeye is now complete and is immediately available for free public download from www.farelogix.com/hawkeye.

Under the open source model, users will have free access to the Hawkeye application source code, supporting documentation, and most importantly, the opportunity to exchange feedback and share development enhancements and suggestions in a community environment.

The decision to pursue open source for Project Hawkeye was deliberate, according to Farelogix CEO, Jim Davidson. "Most people agree that we need faster speed to market and greater innovation when it comes to solutions for buying and selling travel. But we as an industry will never get there if everybody keeps their systems closed and proprietary," explains Davidson. "At Farelogix, we believe the open source model is a key to increasing the speed, quality and cost-effectiveness with which new point of sale alternatives are brought to market. Hawkeye is our contribution to that effort."

Built using .NET and C#, Hawkeye is a robust application that can be used as an 'off-the-shelf' agent desktop; or users may download the source code and customize it to fit their particular business, preferences, or workflow needs. The system supports complete air shopping, booking, ticketing, exchange, refund, as well as full integration of flight merchandising options for carriers that have elected to use the unbundled selling model. A user interface for profile management and trip templates is also included.

Designed for a content-independent environment, Hawkeye can be used either with the proprietary Farelogix FLX™ platform (which supports a robust business rules engine and connectivity to a variety of traditional systems, supplier direct connect, and web-based content), or separate from Farelogix, if users choose to develop their own connection to travel inventory sources.

Users who create an account on www.farelogix.com/hawkeye will receive credentials to try out the system online ('Try Now'), as well information on how developers can test their Hawkeye code at no charge.

"We decided the best way to 'put this out there' was to let anyone log in and try it," said Davidson. "There will be bugs - I'll promise you that - but such is the nature of a collaborative community. What I can tell you is that we have put out a very robust first cut of an application that could be production-ready in a matter of weeks depending on the customer requirement."

Support for Project Hawkeye will be managed in the same way as many other open source projects - through user forums and community-based collaboration. Farelogix will also publish quarterly new releases of Hawkeye to incorporate best of breed development from the Hawkeye community. The company is also providing optional integration and support services through a small network of certified consultants.

According to Davidson, the company has already been inundated with travel companies and suppliers interested in using Hawkeye, customizing it, and adding onto it. "Between community and Farelogix-driven enhancements, we can look for some exciting and fast-paced evolution in the coming months," Davidson predicted. The company has set up a dedicated email address, hawkeye@farelogix.com to manage what is expected to be an inflood of industry commentary, suggestions, and questions.

Davidson encourages everyone to take a test flight. "Take a few minutes and see what's going on with Hawkeye. You don't have to be a developer to 'Try Hawkeye Now'. We want to hear what you think."

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