Farelogix Inc.

Farelogix Inc.

August 24, 2009 08:30 ET

Farelogix Introduces FLX-Files for Travel Profile Management

New Solution Enables Corporations and Travel Management Companies to Store and Manage Profiles in an Independent, Content-Neutral Environment

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 24, 2009) - NBTA 2009 International Convention & Exposition (booth # 3326)-Farelogix Inc. today announced FLX-Files™, a profile management solution that stores and manages traveler and corporate profiles. Using FLX-Files, corporations and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) can lower the costs and inefficiencies associated with maintaining travel profiles in multiple places.

FLX-Files supports traditional profile data elements as well as expanded information, including unused ticket tracking, detailed preferences, policies that govern items such as flight merchandising, quality control edits and service fee tables, trip template information, and corporate contracts. A web-based user interface enables travel agents and/or corporate travelers to manage their data. Users may also opt to integrate FLX-Files within their own travel point of sale system using a web services Application Programming Interface (API). FLX-Files supports the application of profile information for shopping and booking within a multi-source inventory environment. While profile information is stored in a secure database hosted at the Farelogix Data Center, Farelogix does not claim ownership to any data or impose any restrictions as to how customers choose to use their own data.

"We see momentum toward universal traveler profiles for two reasons," said Jim Davidson, president and CEO, Farelogix. "First, decentralization is no longer practical for storing and managing multiple profiles. Maintaining profiles in multiple sources and locations creates too much expense and duplicity, and synchronization headaches. Second, the industry is moving toward independence, data ownership and choice. Nobody wants strings attached. As technology proliferates, opening up is essential so customers can pick and choose the components that work best for them. What we are providing is an extensible, easy-to-implement, open system that can be integrated with as many other systems as customers want. With FLX-Files users get more control and flexibility, while maintaining full ownership of their data."

Consistent with this movement toward independence and personalization, Davidson explained that the planned evolution of FLX-Files is to extend access to individual travelers who can maintain their own preferences and other profile data over the web or using a mobile device. "I believe we are ultimately moving to a system where travelers will have a single profile and they will determine which entities (corporate TMCs, suppliers, or otherwise) may access that information. As a traveler, I will update my profile once to say I like aisle seats and every reservation I make thereafter, whether for business or for leisure, should automatically reflect that preference. That's the vision."

Getting started with FLX-Files is as simple as logging onto the web-based user interface and entering profile information, or (more commonly) doing a one-time import to FLX-Files from Global Distribution Systems (GDS) or other databases. The only cost for using the system is a minimal monthly data storage fee.

FLX-Files is a natural extension of Farelogix offerings designed to facilitate independence and choice, as well as provide low-cost solutions for suppliers, TMCs and corporations. It is designed for a content-independent environment and can be used in two ways: either with the proprietary Farelogix FLX™ platform, which supports a robust business rules engine and connectivity to a variety of traditional systems, supplier direct connect and web-based content; or separate from Farelogix, if users choose to implement it alongside other existing technology solutions.

Farelogix notes that several TMC customers are seriously evaluating the product, and anticipates Beta testing to formalize late in third quarter 2009. The company expects its global adoption will be robust due to the flexibility and pricing of the product, and the demand for independence and operational efficiencies.

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