February 24, 2015 09:00 ET

Farewell to Focus Groups

Neuro-Technology's the Next (Brain)Wave in Market Research

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - February 24, 2015) - For decades, Canadian advertising agencies and brand marketers have grappled with the question of the role that local vs. global creative plays in the efficacy of their advertising creative. It's long argued that despite Canada's proximity to the U.S., Canadian consumers have varying preferences and sensibilities when it comes to how they respond to advertising. 

A new Toronto company, Brainsights, is seeking to finally put this question to rest; using wearable EEG readers and a new insights platform, researchers will be able to essentially read the minds of the wearers in real time. The technology has caught the attention of Matt Di Paola, Managing Director, Digital Innovation at Sid Lee.

"For years, we've depended on focus groups and online surveys for insight into audience preferences, but these methods are intrinsically biased," said Di Paola. "The Brainsights Platform takes the guesswork out of data insight. This means that for the first time, advertisers can finally gain a true picture of the neurological and emotional impact of their creative."

To showcase this breakthrough technology, Di Paola has curated The Creative Brain for the 2015 Dx3 conference; presented by Mediative, a digital marketing company that provides performance services, The Creative Brain is an installation that will physically showcase how the future of wearable technology is disrupting the way brands measure emotional response. The exhibit will explore how consumers retain information as it pertains to how and why they quantify their purchasing decisions.

Through two unique approaches, Brainsights will evaluate participants' responses to a variety of creative stimuli:

  • Each year, Canadians feel they are missing out by not having access to most of the Superbowl commercials that air in the US. The Superbowl Showdown will examine if this really matters in Canadians' actual emotional response to how they feel about brands. 
  • The YouTube Paradox will try to determine if millions of views lead to a positive emotional response to a brand's creative, and if we overemphasize the importance of "views" in measuring creative effectiveness.

Dx3 attendees will have the opportunity to be part of the experiment, and participants' neural responses will be visualized in real time to create an artistic and insightful display that will ultimately help determine Canadians' true creative preferences.

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About Dx3 Canada:

Dx3 is Canada's largest conference and trade show focused on digital marketing, digital advertising and digital retailing. It brings agencies, brands, publishers and retailers together for two days of networking and education.

Dx3 2015 is March 11-12, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre featuring more than 40 educational sessions, 100 exhibitors and 4,100 attendees from Canada's leading brands and agencies.

About Brainsights:

Brainsights is a Toronto-based consumer research and strategy firm, which uses neuro-measurement technologies to understand how consumer and audience brains respond to marketing and communication. We translate this brain data into leading communication insights that power lasting growth for brands

About Mediative

Mediative is a digital marketing company that provides performance services and access to media platforms designed to help businesses enhance their digital presence and influence consumers' path to purchase.

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