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February 06, 2013 08:55 ET

Fargate Provides Instant Connections to People Across the Globe With the Click of an iPhone

Social Platform Uses Photos to Jump Start Conversations and Build Friendships

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 6, 2013) - Bringing social networking to a new level, Rev99 LLC. has officially launched the next generation of Fargate, a free, fun, iPhone application that serves as a virtual passport allowing people to instantly explore the globe. Available on iTunes,, Fargate brings users on a whimsical, global journey and connects them with other people through pictures.

The prevalence of smartphone use combined with society's obsession with social media provides the necessary ingredients for Fargate. According to a recent Cisco Systems survey of college students and workers between the ages of 18-30 across 18 countries, nine out of 10 people admit to checking their smartphones before getting out of bed in the a.m. This trend continues with more than 85 percent of the women and 60 percent of men compulsively looking at their phones throughout the day.

"As an engineer and adventurer, I combined two of my passions to create Fargate," said George Polak, founder of Rev99 LLC. "Fargate demonstrates that although we live in a large world, we all have something in common. It appeals to the voyeuristic nature in all of us by sharing what we are seeing right now and then traveling to exotic geographies across the globe to see what other Fargate users are doing."

How Fargate works
Fargate is simple to use. It starts by asking the question "What do you see right now?" and with a snap a photo, you are taken on a journey across the globe to see and discuss what others are also doing right now. For instance, a photo taken in Kentucky of a dog, can lead to a photo of a tree in Rhode Island, a soccer match in Italy, the evening sky in the Ukraine, some toys in Baghdad, a nightclub in Cairo, some palm trees in Mexico and so on. Inevitably these pictures lead to discussions and the cycle begins. The fun is that you never know what part of the world the app will take you, who you'll be talking to and what the pictures have in store.

Users can set up profiles with the amount of information they desire and can add friends and build a community or stay an independent viewer. Fargate is localized in 10 languages and has built-in automatic translation capabilities for 54 languages. It has been released for a limited time with thousands of downloads and 5 star ratings from the early user base.

Praise for Fargate

"Fargate is a great social application that allows me to make new friends all over the world! I now have friends across the country as well as on the other side of the ocean. Its ease of use and random views of the world keep me entertained for hours!" Craig Evans

"My top favorite App! Fargate is your instant, on the spot passport to see the world through other people's eyes! This epic, one stop shop allows you to travel to exotic lands, learn geography better than in any classroom, bone up on foreign language, and make awesome new friends that you would certainly never meet otherwise! Best of all you can truly see that we are all one big global family with so much in common! With Fargate, the world is just not so inaccessibly big anymore!" Delinda Jones

"Fargate is so fun and interesting! I love having an insider's view to people's lives around the world! My biggest 'aha' moment was realizing we all are the same wherever we live! We all want the same basic things in life. With Fargate you can develop relationships with people in places you never even heard of and learn about life in faraway places." Ronda Billings

"Fargate is unlike any other app I've used. The translation feature is super cool. I have 'friends' in places like Russia, Spain and China and although we don't speak the same language, I can easily talk with them with just a swipe of the finger to translate any message. It's so simple to spark up a conversation over a photo with anyone in the world!" William Hunter Gaddy

"Fargate is easily one of the most frequently used apps on my phone. It's your own virtual window to parts of the world you wouldn't be able to see otherwise. I've become really good friends with people from all walks of life & would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to socialize." Dusan Brestovansky

"Fargate is an app that is a portal to places all around the world. It is a great way to look through the eyes of a person halfway across the planet. I use Fargate when I need time to escape from what I'm doing or when I just need a little humor." Joanna Taylor

Fargate Availability
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