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Farha Foundation

September 01, 2016 13:06 ET

Farha Foundation Brings CA MARCHE Campaign Online

Minimal cost to execute means more dollars for those in need

MONTREAL, QUÉBEC--(Marketwired - Sept. 1, 2016) - The Farha Foundation, Quebec's leading HIV/AIDS fundraising organization, launches its 24th edition of ÇA MARCHE, its annual fundraising walk entirely online to ensure that virtually every dollar is distributed to those living with HIV/AIDS in Québec. In place of participants' annual support at ÇA MARCHE 2016, the Foundation is encouraging supporters to donate to online and create a virtual buzz by reaching out to family, friends and colleagues.

"Over the years, this much-anticipated event has brought hundreds of thousands of people together and collectively helped raise more than 10 million dollars. These funds have contributed to greatly needed and deeply impactful community support of those living with HIV/AIDS in Quebec. We are incredibly proud of that achievement - one that could not have been realized without the enthusiasm, commitment and generosity of our supporters," said Linda Farha, volunteer President and Spokesperson for the Farha Foundation.

By bringing ÇA MARCHE 2016 online, the Farha Foundation is hoping to create strong virtual momentum from the community and passionate supporters.

"Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support of the Farha Foundation and ÇA MARCHE. Supporting over 20,000 men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS is more than the money we raise. It's about standing in solidarity as a community, celebrating life and committing to continuing the search for a cure, while providing essential services and care," continued Farha.

The Farha Foundation has earmarked funds to compensate for partner groups that have supported past ÇA MARCHE walks. These funds and those raised by ÇA MARCHE 2016 will be calculated at the conclusion of this campaign on December 1, AIDS Awareness Day, in order to continue to help and support those affected by HIV/AIDS in Quebec. A tax receipt will be issued for every donation over $20.


ÇA MARCHE, one of the first Farha Foundation events to emerge in 1993, is an annual walk aimed at raising funds and sensitizing the population to the HIV/AIDS cause. The 2016 edition will be entirely online. To maximize awareness of the event, the Farha Foundation asks you to spread the word to as many people as possible. In doing so, you will contribute directly to helping those living with HIV/AIDS, a disease that currently infects as many as two people a day in Quebec. To find out more, visit camarche.ca.


The Farha Foundation is Quebec's leading fundraising organization committed to helping men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. The events organized by the Farha Foundation also serve to raise public awareness of the AIDS pandemic. Since 1992, the Farha Foundation has distributed close to $10 million to 76 organizations throughout Quebec that provide services to HIV/AIDS victims (housing, medication, food, palliative care, homecare, etc.), as well as HIV/AIDS prevention and education programs. An advisory committee determines which organizations the Foundation supports and ensures that the funds are put to the best possible use. To find out more about the Farha Foundation, please visit farha.qc.ca.

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