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Farmland Marketing Group

August 23, 2011 17:53 ET

Farmland Marketing Group Says You Don't Have to Buy the Farm

Only One Group of New Ag Funds Offers Individual Investors, Residing in the US, an Opportunity to Participate in the Income and Appreciation Generated by Domestic Grain Farms

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2011) - There are plenty of Funds that accommodate institutional investors, and opportunities abound for investing in farmland outside the U.S. and for investors who reside outside the U.S., but until now, no Fund existed for the small individual investor living in the U.S.

Want to make more money than a banker? Become a farmer.,9171,2080767,00.html

Corn prices this morning were an impressive $7.00 plus a bushel.

Everyone, it seems, suddenly understands that a growing world population, climate change and a diminishing supply of farmland, will all contribute to food shortages, rising food costs, appreciating farmland values and, theoretically, big returns for anyone investing in farmland and agricultural-based investments.

But how do you invest if you are an individual investor living in the U.S.?

One group of Funds has addressed this very issue and has created individual Funds that should be very attractive, to not only investors, but also to farmers themselves.

Like seed companies, grain processing facilities, and retail grocery chains, American grain farmers are consolidating to become more profitable and powerful and to monetize the substantial equity they have built up in their farming operations.

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Why American Farmland Partners and American Farmland Partners Corporation will dominate domestic farmland acquisitions in the future.

There is less U.S. farmland for sale now than at any time in history. This story illustrates why domestic farmland acquisitions may dry up all together for non-farm investors.

Grain farms are earning high cash returns. Add to the list of investment features an 8% plus cash return, on top of heavy appreciation, capital preservation, and the inflation-hedging properties farmland has always possessed, and you've got a serious performing investment vehicle.

Directed at farmers, this release enumerates the various reasons why a farmer may want to consider selling to American Farmland Partners or American Farmland Partners Corporation over an outright sale.

It is the Mission of The Farmland Marketing Group to educate farmers and potential investors about the benefits of becoming part of what will be the world's first publicly-traded consolidation of independent grain producers.

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