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Farmland Marketing Group

September 06, 2011 18:34 ET

Farmland Marketing Group Seeks Advisory Board Members to New Agriculture Firms

Announcing the Launch of Independent Grain Producers Roll-Up and New Online Agriculture Network

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2011) - In an attempt to assist American Farmland Partners, American Farmland Partners Corporation and The Agricultural Network implement their business models and ensure the ultimate success of these ventures, The Farmland Marketing Group is seeking out members from both the financial and agriculture community to become part of these firms' Advisory Boards. The Farmland Marketing Group is a major holder of American Farmland Partners Corporation Stock Warrants and owner of The Agricultural Network.

Advisory Board Members will assist these Companies in charting direction, making suggestions that should help contain costs, develop business opportunities, introduce the Company to valuable clients, investors, and suppliers, offer fresh opinions that can only come from unbiased third parties who may see things that management and board members might not see being isolated and involved with the businesses on a day to day basis. Perhaps most important, advisory board members will make the chief executive answerable to a third party.

The Farmland Marketing Group cordially invites anyone interested in becoming an Advisory Board Member to submit their resume for consideration to: Join our team on consolidating American Grain Producers in what will be the world's first publicly traded consolidation of independent farmers via American Farmland Partners and American Farmland Partners Corporation. Help to shape our online source of educational, wholesome, informative programming for farmers and rural America at

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It is the Mission of the Farmland Marketing Group to educate farmers and potential investors about the benefits of becoming part of what will be the world's first publicly-traded consolidation of independent grain producers.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Farmland Marketing Group President Todd Dyer or American Farmland Partners Nicholas C. Hindman, Sr. call toll free 866-800-7039 extension 30 or visit

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