SOURCE: Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

January 06, 2015 17:46 ET

Fashion Blogger Leah Selakovic Featured on Phat Guru

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2015) - Respected fashion blogger, former information technology executive, Reiki Master, children's author and women's rights activist -- Leah Selakovic's list of accomplishments is rapidly expanding. Phat Guru, an online entertainment and lifestyle magazine, was able to secure an exclusive interview with Leah resulting in a featured article that is enlightening and inspiring to young women everywhere.

A native of the former republic of Yugoslavia, Leah settled in Singapore with her husband David. After putting her IT career on hold to focus on family, she turned to blogging as a new outlet for her design expertise and creativity. Her blog now features a range of topics, from one-on-one interviews with icons such as Sophia Loren to first-person reports on fashion and design events all over the globe. One of her most recent trips brought Leah to England, where she attended the London Design Festival, an internationally acclaimed architecture and design event that hosted 350,000 specialists from 75 countries.

Since launching her blog less than six months ago, Leah's blog has attracted more than 10,000 subscribers eager to be the first to know what the multi-talented superwoman is up to next. In addition to the variety of topics, what makes her blog a worthy read is the woman behind it. Leah has a diversified list of interests that go beyond fashion, architectural design and art. Combining her love for her children with her passion for writing, she has created a series of children's books. All of her 20 books, six of which are to be published soon, feature a little boy who tells stories about his favorite topics, which include planes, knights and dinosaurs.

Trips to runway and art shows aside, Leah works primarily from her home on the island nation of Singapore where she has earned a reputation as a local fashion maven. Holder of a Master's degree in Art and Classical History, Leah Selakovic frequently uses her online platform to support women in the arts by providing them with useful information such as how to get art scholarships to fund their education or by featuring their work on her blog. Last month, Leah's blog featured emerging artist Audrey Kawasaki, whose paintings make natural elements stand out in a beautiful and expressive way, increasing her publicity enormously.

A renowned name in Singapore and the global fashion industry, Leah Selakovic is a blogger with a flair for art in all forms. A dedicated supporter of female artists, she is a major contributor at fundraisers and charities such as The Kevin Spacey Foundation and Dress for Success. Along with her husband David, the couple has been supporting new talent and young professionals for many years. They often follow the progress of their protégés, taking great joy in being able to help them achieve their full potential. At home, Leah invests her time in her wide collection of art, nostalgia and European history, all of which are featured in different parts of her apartment, along with her specially selected furnishings.

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