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October 14, 2008 15:22 ET

Fashion Visionary Merlin Castell Attempts Women's Wear Wizardry With Multi Use Garments

A Honduran Breaks Into the World of Fashion With Designs That Take on Diverse Forms

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2008) - Until some months ago, Merlin Castell had refused to enter such a competitive field as women's fashion. Nevertheless, after several years he came to the realization that focusing all his ingenuity on men's clothing was not as profitable as the world of women's fashion.

"Although my clothing was for men, women were the ones buying it. It was amazing, so I had to get into that kind of heavy competition," states the Honduran born designer. Some months ago, Castell, who has managed to get out his Merlin Castell line of luxury garments, began designing clothing for women using a different concept: functionality. He says that all his work is based on this idea because women today are dynamic, practical and thrifty.

Castell's designs are not limited to the garments themselves, but rather have a use that goes beyond the aesthetic. He transforms a dress into two different garments. The pants have the function of highlighting or hiding a woman's hips, for example.

The fashion magician always impresses with his creations, which truly are works of art. On this occasion, the versatile and intrepid designer gives women the option of buying a single dress. It enhances her beauty and at the same time helps her to economize. But most importantly, the style will not go out of fashion, it can be worn in any season and fulfills various requirements of today's woman. (

In spring, Castell will launch his new clothing line which includes a dress that can just as easily be used for a formal dinner or turned into an elegant garment for a cocktail party.

"I didn't think it would be so popular, but the reality is precisely the opposite," he states.

The designer Merlin Castell has launched Day-Evening Wear, a garment that combines a short cocktail dress and a classic elegant cut for the evening.

The fabulous Day-Evening Wear collection, by the designer Merlin Castell, is made from silk because, as Castell maintains, the material caresses the women's skin and hangs elegantly, enhancing her curves. This diverse Evening Wear collection is daring, bold, sensual and elegant... The little black dress with embroidered patterns in the same material, strapless with simple lines and a classic open skirt is the main characteristic of the new glamour queens. The collection has many pieces, all with different necklines, but all with a convertible skirt; a practical and original dress.

The fabulous genuine designs can be combined with elegant accessories, shawls, bags, pumps... to create an extremely elegant look and add extra layers of style to this staple garment. The best buy of the century: original, practical... fabulous. The beautiful designs of this superb maestro of haute couture aim to bring out the beauty of today's woman: intrepid, intelligent, bold, and beautiful. Swathed in textures, colors and patterns, Merlin lets his imagination and creativity fly to achieve what he wants.

Immersed in his creative empire, his unique garments in a variety of different styles reveal his versatility, always with that magical touch of Merlin Castell.

Castell's creations, in addition to being practical, are clothes in which any woman can feel comfortable and radiant at the same time. The colors are in line with the spring-summer season that can already be seen in some store windows. (

"When I started to design these dresses, I leaned towards the color red and the catwalks of the most renowned designers on which to show them," he stated.

A garment's functionality is always well appreciated by any woman, especially by those that tend to make large investments in their closet.

Castell's garments include dresses designed with a variety of materials, but above all fabrics that lend them a natural weight and bounce. Dresses designed to be used on more than one occasion.

"A lot of women don't like to wear the same garment to a party or a dinner, so now they have the option of transforming it," says the designer.

Furthermore, although it's a big investment, it only needs to be made once. This is also the case with pants that Castell calls 3D, which correspond to the three dimensional. It's a garment with stripes that women can mold to their figure. The pants can be adjusted to the shape of the hips, even to exaggerate them, if necessary. "It works like a corset, but specifically for the hips," he states.

This garment, states Castell, has been well received and has sold very well. However, only a few women have been able to enjoy them due to their cost and only being available by order.


Although Castell's designs are designed with every day women in mind, "The very same women are the least likely to purchase them because only a small portion of them invest in designer clothes, and I couldn't believe it," he states.

Castell said that experience speaks for itself, and although it pains him to recognize it, it's the truth. In order for a designer to become famous, he would have to dress some world-renowned artist, and then more clients will follow.

Designers are guided by exclusivity; one of their creations is limited to a single client, or two or three at the most. But this Honduran designer's dream is for a large number of women to be able to wear his garments and for them to be displayed in shop windows.

"Piracy is also a problem in this industry, but here there's no way of controlling the sense of exclusivity," explains the young designer.

Mass producing a garment has such high costs that, for many designers, are impossible to absorb. But if there are thousands of reproduction pieces, they go to market at a price that is much lower than a designer can offer.

"That's the way the fashion world works. We can't patent our ideas and creations," he states. Little by little, Castell is beginning to make his mark among Hollywood stars and the music industry. Although his designs have been worn by many international "stars" on the red carpets, they are also sought out at he's exclusive studio by some of the biggest stars.


The name Merlin is not very common and much less so among the humble class from which this young designer comes. None of his seven siblings have a "strange" name.

"It's as though my mother knew what I would become, giving me that name," he asserts.

His real name is Merlin Castellon, born in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Upon entering the fashion world, he made a few slight changes to stand out more in that world: "I got rid of the accent on the 'I' in Merlin and I dropped the 'o' and 'n' in 'Castellon.'"

For a young man from a humble family in a country where there is no fashion industry, becoming known and educating oneself in that field were not easy.

"My mother sold tamales; our social standing didn't make it possible to know about fashion," recalls Merlin.

The only models available to Merlin were his mother and his sisters who, despite not having the clothes of a designer, he always tried to make shine.

Since he was 14 he felt the drive to learn Italian because he said that one day he would study in Italy. Since he couldn't pursue studies in fashion, he decided to go to college to study architecture.

"When I was 18 I began to realize who Merlin really was and what I wanted to make of that name my mother had given me."

His first chance to go abroad was Mexico and then Italy, Where he graduated and off to the United States, where he arrived in 1998.

Like all immigrants, he came to this country with a dream, with goals and with great expectations. But reality showed him the other side through which he had to pass.

Merlin had to work as a dishwasher in a restaurant, but during that time he was able to buy fabrics and sew his own designs to later show in some of the stores where he was employed.

Before realizing his dream, the Honduran designer tells of work abuses he had to suffer in which he was nearly a slave, but from which he was later able to free himself. "I wanted to get into fashion and, despite everything, I did," he states.

In relatively little time he achieved what he wanted and through hard work, failures and accomplishments, Merlin managed to climb the ladder of success. ( Press Release Written By (Gary Berry President/CEO Merlin Castell LLC)

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