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January 20, 2015 15:05 ET

Faster Setup; Instant Shipping Savings: The eBay Ecommerce Module Now Comes Preinstalled in ReadyShipper Shipping Software

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - January 20, 2015) - TrueShip ( has dropped their newest update to ReadyShipper shipping software. The popular eBay ecommerce module now comes preinstalled for even faster setup. It can be selected as the one included free ecommerce module for new users, available for a 14-day trial with ReadyShipper. Existing users can add-on the eBay module to their subscription for just $9.95 per month.

eBay is the most popular online marketplace in the world, hosting millions of online stores and personal auctions. Users are able to setup their own auctions, or can host online eBay stores that offer a variety of different products. The ecommerce service has grown over the past decade, made popular by its wide assortment of available products, the bidding option for auctions and the feedback system that helps buyers find top-rated sellers.

Getting started with eBay is quick and simple, and takes only a few minutes. Once the products are listed, shoppers are able to compare what one seller is offering to another -- including shipping cost, return policy, price being offered and onsite feedback -- so they can modify their listings to attract more sales.

Consumers have made it clear, according to numerous reports and studies, that they want low cost (or free) shipping, excellent customer service and an easy returns policy. These three factors are key elements in attracting more sales and conversions at an eBay store.

ReadyShipper shipping software and eBay combine to create an all-in-one ecommerce and order fulfillment solution. The ReadyShipper eBay shipping software module is now pre-integrated for faster account linking and set-up.

ReadyShipper supports all three major shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS and USPS). It can generate compatible shipping labels, allowing users to print the labels from a standard thermal printer; or they can use TrueShip's all-in-one invoices, which come on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper (ReadyLabels) with a peel-out 4"x6" shipping label.

ReadyShipper has a direct integration into eBay. It can import all of the pending orders, enabling users to sort and edit them, individually or in batch, and process them for shipping with digital postage and shipping labels. Once orders have been shipped out to customers, ReadyShipper can update eBay with ship status and tracking numbers. The ReadyShipper eBay shipping software module supports eBay Seller Auctions and Selling Manager.  

With the cost of postage on the rise, e-retailers have faced an uphill battle in recent years with trying to balance the cost of shipping and their bottom line. ReadyShipper helps eBay sellers save money on USPS shipping by offering new users a complimentary or Endicia account with their active subscription. Both of these services connect users to discounts on USPS postage.

New users also receive a complimentary Express 1 account. Express 1 offers uncanny discounts on USPS Priority Mail and Priority Express, including on the popular flat rate boxes and mailers.

Users of ReadyShipper eBay shipping software can also take advantage of the built-in and instant savings on USPS pricing with Flat Rate Select, which connects them to even more savings on Priority Mail shipments (up to 20-pounds).

"The eBay shipping software module is now preinstalled for nearly instant integration," said Daniel Koernke, President of Sales at TrueShip. "New users can quickly link accounts and start sorting, processing and shipping their eBay orders right away."

You can start a 14-day trial of ReadyShipper eBay shipping software by visiting:  

There is no credit required to start the free trial. ReadyShipper works on PC and Mac computers.

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TrueShip is the original architect of multi-carrier (FedEx, UPS and USPS) ecommerce shipping software. ReadyShipper shipping software integrates into the most widely used shopping carts and online marketplaces. It is an easy-to-use order fulfillment solution designed to save e-retailers time and money.

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