February 27, 2007 10:45 ET

fatsecret.com Empowers Dieters to Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals

Members of Free Online Community Share Diet Experiences and Help Each Other Unlock the Secrets of Weight Loss

LOS ANGELES, CA--(CCNMatthews - February 27, 2007) - fatsecret.com launched today as a unique, independent online social network and resource for people interested in weight loss to learn about different diet programs and benefit from the collective experience of their peers around the world.

fatsecret.com's proprietary platform enables members to share their diet experiences, support one another and find out what really works. In addition to providing members with tools to achieve their goals, the site aggregates and sorts community-generated content including recipes, tips, posts, journals and weight loss performance data. All content is tagged to a recognized diet program or specific topic in an easy-to-use format. Members can also create and share their own customized diet plans.

"fatsecret was inspired by the realization that when it comes to weight management it's not a one size fits all world; different diets work for different people," said founder Rodney Moses. "The site was created to empower dieters with independent, user-generated information that cuts through the confusion and marketing hype surrounding most popular weight loss programs. It's the online destination for dieters seeking to connect with a grassroots community of supportive, motivated people who are on the same journey, and share similar needs and goals."

fatsecret provides a uniquely practical and personal sense of what each major weight loss program is about. Members collaborate and learn together from the collective success and failure of the entire fatsecret community. These shared contributions help members make better dieting decisions. fatsecret is not affiliated or associated with any diet/fitness program or product. Membership is free, and while only members can contribute content, visitors can access most of the site.

"Unlike narrowly focused commercial diet sites, fatscecret facilitates open discussion on virtually every popular weight loss program including Atkins, Weight Watchers, The South Beach Diet, Sonoma Diet, Fat Smash and the Fat Flush Plan," added Moses. "It's also different from subscription-based weight loss communities and free online diet forums or blogs, which offer limited functionality. We believe fatsecret has what it takes to become the leading web destination for all things diet-related."

While there are more diet and weight loss programs than ever to chose from, the number of overweight and obese adults, and increasingly children, in the U.S. and other industrialized nations continues to rise. fatsecret is a unique social media application designed to address this public health issue by helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

More information about fatsecret is available at www.fatsecret.com.

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