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FavorWare Corporation

May 24, 2005 18:03 ET

FavorWare launches new Online Faxing Service called FavorFax

Attention: Business/Financial Editor, Media Editor, News Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - May 24, 2005) - Eliminate fax machine hassles. With the new FavorFax Services you can send or receive faxes from a computer without having a fax machine or a dedicated fax telephone line. No paper, toner, fax machine maintenance or business line costs. Users with high-speed Internet can send and receive faxes real-time without tying up a phone line. Maximize your phone line and eliminate downtime. Experience FavorFax Fax-to-Email right from our web site for free..

"During this tax season, our clients sent us their tax receipt documents using FavorFax. We were very impressed with the service and none of our client's files went missing as as result," said Saher Khan, Senior Partner with MAK Financial Services.

"Prior to having FavorFax,our staff were experiencing difficulties in collecting tax documents. Some of the client's files were misplaced and our clients were upset. Now that we are using FavorFax that problem has been solved and we were able to process more tax returns because of the time saved looking for misplaced documents," said Mr. Kahn.

Businesses can send, receive, store or forward faxes securely without fax machines, fax / phone lines, long distance phone charges or fax modems. FavorFax customers can access their fax communications from anywhere, at any time, the same way they access their e-mail.FavorFax allows users to manage faxes as standard attachments (i.e. PDF or TIFF formats) through existing e-mail accounts and the Web, eliminating paper and the hassle, expense and on-going maintenance of a fax machine. The service requires no additional hardware or software and is designed to be simple to use and secure.

Traditional fax machines can pose privacy and security threats, since communications can sit idly on shared fax machines. With e-mail and Web-based faxing, incoming faxes are sent directly to the intended recipient, ensuring confidentiality and helping organizations comply with privacy regulations.

For more information or to see our FavorFax service pricing information, please visit http://www.favorfax.com

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FavorWare is focused on delivering enterprise ready web applications and providing automated business solutions. Hiring FavorWare as your technology services provider eliminates time intensive and costly activities such as recruiting, training, and retaining staff. FavorWare is committed to working with the internal members of your company and building a lasting relationship. This focus on helping our clients has resulted in a very high rate of repeat business. Practical IT Consulting. Additional information about the company, its products, and partnerships is available at http://www.favorware.com.

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