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November 30, 2006 07:00 ET

FCC Ruling Puts Trimax on Level Playing Field With DSL and Cable Internet Providers

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 30, 2006 -- Trimax Corporation (OTCBB: TMXO) and its wholly owned subsidiaries, PLC Networks Inc. (PLC) and Multi-Source Inc. (MSI), ( are pleased to confirm that the recent ruling by the Federal Communications Commission holds unprecedented significance for the future of Trimax and the Broadband over PowerLine (BPL) industry as a whole.

The FCC has ruled that BPL-enabled internet access services have been classified as an information service instead of its previous telecommunications service label. This promotes Trimax's BPL technology on an equal regulatory footing as enjoyed by the cable and DSL companies. Trimax is a leading BPL service provider for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors using existing power lines as its infrastructure.

The FCC's ruling opens the door for BPL technology and supports fair competition amongst the broadband services available to consumers in the United States. FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate indicated that the technology has tremendous upside potential for many different parties. In a statement she noted, "The presence of another broadband platform could help to bolster competition and, hopefully, lower prices for consumers, especially in rural communities. Plus, the presence of an additional data network would help serve an important homeland security function, adding redundancy to our critical infrastructure -- this is the potential of BPL, and it is exciting." Derek Pepler, President & CEO of Trimax, commented, "This FCC support gives our industry further confirmation and fosters additional competition for consumers. The ruling will have positive impact in resolving concerns from the investment community and should assist policy makers from countries around the globe that have been observing this BPL rulemaking process."

The Commission came down with its ruling after viewing BPL demonstration sites in Keller, Texas, and Potomac, Maryland. As per past press releases, Trimax has secured contracts globally and is currently developing interest for BPL in West Africa, Pakistan, and East Asia. The company has expertise in product integration, networking infrastructure, and provides bundled service offerings of internet, VoIP, IPTV, VOD, AMR and surveillance.

About Trimax/MSI/PLC Networks Inc.

Trimax and its wholly owned subsidiaries PLC Networks Inc. and Multi-Source Inc. are leading providers of Broadband over PowerLine communication technologies. Trimax/MSI/PLC specializes in the development, distribution, implementation, and servicing technologies that use the power grid to deliver 128-bit encrypted high-speed symmetrical broadband for data, voice and video transmission. BPL is a disruptive communications technology that turns the existing ubiquitous powerline infrastructure and common electrical wiring in commercial and residential buildings into a high-bandwidth network. Broadband is delivered simultaneously on a single platform enabling every electrical outlet throughout the home, condo complex or office building. To connect, users simply plug a wired/wireless addressable modem into any electrical outlet and plug their computer, phone, surveillance camera or IP device into the modem.

Since the building's electrical wiring becomes the backbone for a secure local area network, there is no need to install any new wiring in the walls. The company's technologies use the existing electrical wiring as a "smart" network to deliver broadband applications such as video on demand (VOD), VoIP phones, surveillance cameras, elevator monitors, IPTVs, smart meters (AMR), etc. as well as link printers, faxes, entertainment systems, etc. on a hotel, office or home network. Installation is usually implemented in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks or months and avoids the expense and disruption to guests and tenants of opening walls and ceilings to run new cables. This technology has been deployed around the globe in hotels, homes, apartments, office towers, schools, hospitals, museums and government buildings. Trimax/MSI/PLC believes that BPL will be widely accepted as a last mile communications technology and anticipates that its devices will be at the forefront of this communications revolution, which includes bridging the digital divide throughout the world.

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