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September 13, 2007 07:00 ET

FDP Systems™ -- Business Continuity Programs Can Benefit From Patented Portable Fuel Dispensing Platforms

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - September 13, 2007) - As a solution to dispensing fuel in areas with little or no fuel availability, a patented, portable fuel dispensing system is available. Mayer Distributing of Long Lake, Minnesota is the sole distributor.

The conception, development and subsequent patent of the FDP system arose back in 1998 when the Y2K concerns arose coupled with compliance issues in the portable fuel supply systems arena. The FDP system addresses concerns that both corporate and civil arenas could face in emergency situations; it can be used as part of any business continuity program where energy supply lines may be compromised.

"We've had our FDPs available since 1998, long before 'disaster remediation' became such a part of current jargon. We see a lot of businesses totally unprepared for emergency fuel services -- they have their IT systems ready but who will they contact when electrical service goes out, their backup generators need fuel but fuel is inaccessible? The FDP system is an extremely efficient package for businesses that require a portable, compliant and safe method of storing and dispensing fuel," says Jon Mayer, president of Mayer Distributing.

"Since it's neither an underground storage tank nor an above-ground permanent tank, the FDP's mobility enables businesses to place it in different locations when needed. One of our national customers purchased a large number of them to do just that. They like the fact that the FDP is totally compliant. You'll see competitors in the field claiming they have portable tanks -- but is their product meeting the fire codes, transportation codes, environmental regulations, etc? Further questioning will illustrate that their product is not fully compliant, if at all."

Mr. Mayer continued, "Additionally, the FDP fits perfectly into our product strategy in terms of offering an emergency fuel source for an essential component of business continuity programs. This will become an industry standard for portable fueling requirements." Notably, if a company completes any kind of Business Impact Analysis regarding continuity in the face of a catastrophic event, the analysis should identify what emergency fuel resources are available.

The FDP system can be used as a temporary or permanent fueling system that is totally self-contained. It complies with all product delivery laws, government fuel storage regulations and all environmental safety regulations. The innovative design ensures quick and easy delivery, setup and application. Mayer Distributing will continue to work with both public and private sectors in providing an innovative way of portable fuel dispensing. The system has been used at construction sites, marinas, industrial sites, golf courses and excavating sites.

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