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October 18, 2015 09:02 ET

Federal Super PAC Talks on Concepts to Support Transgender Senate Candidate From Guam-Micronesia

PoliWatch Talks With American Friends of Micronesia PAC Chief Director Cary Lee Peterson About Their Awareness and Support for LBGT Rights

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 18, 2015) - World War II triumphed an island we now know as the U.S. territory Guam, and in August Miss Pacificana 2015, Jaryna Balbas of Guam, known for having brains and butt (an all-natural backside) that puts Kim Kardashian to shame, spoke out to the public briefly of her possibilities to run for the senatorial election in Guam next year.

Balbas (28), who studied cosmetology and business in Arizona, currently works as a manager for a beauty salon in Guam and serves as an advocate and adviser to various non-governmental organizations that support LGBT rights and aspects that enable her native heritage in the Mariana Islands.

American Friends of Micronesia, a super PAC registered with the Federal Election Commission, is active to exploit new candidates that have agreed to enable their political causes for the upcoming elections. Peterson commented, "Balbas will set a mark for the transgender [including the entire LBGT] community in Micronesia and the rest of the world [well beyond the Bruce Jenner expose that was very curious]; She [Jaryna Balbas] is qualified for the role as senator in Guam and could very well win based on what I've observed and know as of now."

PoliWatch is told by AFM PAC chief director Cary Lee Peterson in recent interview, "We're making history here. You'll never see anything like this happen again. We're looking at the high possibilities of the first transgender member of senatorial chamber in America." The PAC is currently supporting the recently passed laws on medical cannabis in Micronesia and allowance of banking for legalized marijuana merchants in the U.S., who are allowed access to standard banking solutions otherwise.

American Friends of Micronesia has enabled voter awareness for 2015 elections in Federated States of Micronesia and will remain active through the 2016 elections in voter awareness in Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa. "They pay taxes over here and their vote should count. What else do I need to say to get this point across," says AFM chief director Cary Peterson.

Article by: Jason Vasquez

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