August 23, 2011 09:14 ET

FeeFixer.com's Unique Group-Buy Platform Offers Breaks for Businesses

Parallel Personal Deals are an Added Twist

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 23, 2011) - In a marketplace oversaturated by daily deals on manicures, highlights and Botox, a new group-buy player is filling the gap with unique deals for businesses and their employees. Toronto-based FeeFixer.com has services, products and packages for businesses of every size.

The deals range from corporate catering and legal services to office supplies and transportation. In addition to filling the business deal void in the group-buy market, FeeFixer.com uses a unique reverse model; while most merchants on typical deal sites rely on up-front cash and low redemption rates to come out ahead, FeeFixer.com aims to ensure that buyers actually walk through the door and become repeat customers.

"We create and facilitate relationships between buyers and merchants," said Jonathan Kleiman, President of FeeFixer.com. "In most of our deals, buyers only make a small down-payment at the time of purchase – they settle up once they actually engage with the service provider. We want every deal to be redeemed and every buyer to be treated like a regular paying customer."

As an added twist, the company has deals for individuals alongside the majority of its business offerings. Staying true to its tagline, "Essential deals for businesses and you," the site features deals for both companies and individuals. On any given day, FeeFixer.com might feature a great deal on corporate catering, with a parallel offer of a deep discount on a private home catering experience.

"It occurred to us early on that there are many freelance workers and entrepreneurs working from home who could also benefit from cost-savings," added Kleiman. "Everyone wants to save money, and we have great deals for businesses of all sizes."

FeeFixer.com further differentiates itself by making offers available for much longer than traditional consumer group-buy sites; deals are typically available for about 10 days, giving buyers the opportunity to consider the deal without being forced into impulse buys and resulting in long-term relationships between the merchant and their new customers.

Businesses and individuals can pre-register now at www.FeeFixer.com and should email info@FeeFixer.com to learn more.

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