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Feel Good Cars Corporation

June 07, 2006 19:10 ET

Feel Good Cars, Microcar and ITAQ Participate in the 2006 Michelin Bibendum Challenge

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - June 7, 2006) - Feel Good Cars (TSX VENTURE:ZNN) and its French manufacturing partner MICROCAR S.A., with the engineering support of the Quebec Advanced Transportation Institute (ITAQ), have entered a 2006 ZENN™ (Zero-Emission, No-Noise) all-electric vehicle in this year's Michelin Bibendum Challenge to be held in Paris, June 8-12. The ZENN
is based on MICROCAR'S MC2 platform.

Michelin created the Challenge Bibendum in 1998 with the goal of improving awareness and understanding, by everyone, of sustainable road mobility. That goal is even more important this year since the event will be open to the public -Sunday, June 11, on the Champs de Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

The only event of its kind, the Challenge Bibendum brings together manufacturers, NGO representatives, scientists, government officials and other stakeholders in the process from around the world. Its purpose is to broaden and deepen discussions on three important sustainable road mobility issues: environmental protection (air quality, decreasing noise pollution, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, etc.), traffic flow and road safety.

Traffic congestion and pollution in cities around the world is reaching critical levels. Solutions need to be implemented NOW, not in 5, 10 or 20 years and the participation of the ZENN in the Challenge is a clear demonstration that viable solutions are available right now and that the ZENN is ready to be mass-marketed around the globe. Initially, the first market for the ZENN is the United States where it will be marketed as a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV ) or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV ) conforming to U.S. Regulation FMVSS500. The United States has a well-established NEV market with enabling legislation enacted in over 45 states.

"Global warming, fossil fuel depletion and pollution are global concerns. The ZENN is truly a world car, it is an advanced electric vehicle that provides a real solution to these global concerns" said Mr. Ian Clifford, CEO of Feel Good Cars. "As well, we are working with MICROCAR to determine the optimal configuration of an electric vehicle for the European market. We feel that there is a tremendous potential for the ZENN in Europe and that the ZENN will be an integral part of a massive shift towards positive, inexpensive, zero emission urban transportation solutions" Mr. Clifford added.

The participation of the ZENN in this event is the result of the combined expertise of MICROCAR and Feel Good Cars and their common vision to become the worldwide leaders in the electric vehicle industry.

"This dream is now a reality with the presence of two production facilities, one in Saint-Jerome, Quebec and one in Bouffere, France, that will be positioned to serve significant markets on both sides of the Atlantic ocean with a reliable and high quality product" said Mr. Philippe Thill, Director, MICROCAR S.A.

The Bibendum Challenge ZENN

The Quebec Advanced Transportation Institute (ITAQ) has assembled a slightly modified ZENN for MICROCAR and Feel Good Cars.

"This vehicle was designed in such a way that it can easily accept either a 10 kwh lithium-ion or a 5 kwh lead-acid energy storage system. This demonstrates the flexibility of the ZENN and its ability to meet the various global market needs.", said Hugo Marsolais, ITAQ's Director of Operations. "At city speeds of around 40-45 km/h (25-27 mph), with its 10 kwh advanced lithium-ion battery pack, this vehicle should achieve the 100 km (60 mile) range mark, an adequate performance target for the European market and with three to four times the average daily usage requirement for a NEV in North America", adds Mr. Marsolais.

In France, for over 20 years, small urban vehicles such as the ZENN have been a fact of life. Now, a European Union (EU) harmonized regulation, the 2002/24/EC, allows the free trade and operation of "light Quadricycles" (the EU equivalent of the North American LSV ) all over Europe. The maximum allowable speed of light Quadricycles is 45 km/h (27 mph) and the maximum unloaded mass (without traction batteries, for electric versions) is 350 kg (772 lbs).

In North America LSVs/NEVs are a class of vehicle created by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) allowing vehicles to travel on roads marked 60 km/h (35 mph) or less, at a maximum speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). In order to qualify as an LSV, certain equipment must be standard on the vehicle. This equipment includes a safety-glass windshield, mirrors, seatbelts, front and rear multi-function taillights, wiper blades, turn signals, parking brakes, headlights and Vehicle Identification Numbers VINs).

About Feel Good Cars (FGC)

Feel Good Cars is dedicated to producing zero-emission transportation solutions for global markets, including the revolutionary ZENN, a perfect new urban vehicle.


Since 1982 MICROCAR has been producing fuel efficient, lightweight micro-vehicles mostly for the European market.

About ITAQ

ITAQ is collegial technology transfer center and offers research and development, technological transfer, strategic information and training services to organizations involved in the development of sustainable transportation technologies.

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