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Feel Like Newlyweds Again With Tips and Tricks From

SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2009) - The upcoming wedding season is a time to share in the joy and anticipation of friends' and families' "big days." However, for some, weddings can be a troublesome reminder of the loss of romance in their own relationships and can make couples long for those early days of newlywed bliss.

According to Newsweek, recent research shows that up to 20 percent of marriages may be sexless (!) but that doesn't mean it's too late to get that spark back. Check out these tips from Dr. Sandor Gardos, clinical psychologist, sex therapist and CEO of, and give those newlyweds a run for their money:

-- START EARLY: It's important to establish good sexual habits as early as possible in a relationship. Make sex a priority while your relationship is still exciting and the benefits will last longer.

-- GET HANDS ON: Practice "non-demand touch," or touching your partner with no goal or expectation of it going further. Have a "second base only" evening with your partner and remember how good just "making out" used to be!

-- DATE NIGHT: Bring back the mystery and romance to date night by getting ready separately before a night out, wearing sexy lingerie or a new outfit. Take turns planning the details and make sure to always have one small element of surprise.

-- CHANGE IT UP: Routine is the enemy of passion! Introduce novelty into your sex life by switching up where, when and how you have sex. At the very least, don't reserve sex for the end of a long, exhausting day.

-- WAKE UP CALL: Foreplay starts first thing in the morning. Send your partner a text message, email or voicemail and tell them how much you want them and can't wait to be with them tonight.

-- GO HIGH TECH: Add some high tech gadgets and sex toys to the mix, like the Perfect Platinum from As most women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone, this product is perfect for adding in direct clitoral stimulation during love-making, and with the wired remote, the man can either surprise the woman or she can be in complete control.

-- KEEP IT REAL: According to the book "Why We Love," by Helen Fisher, research shows that after as little as six months of being together (but no more than two years), levels of testosterone drop abruptly in both men and women (meaning the "I want you NOW" feeling goes away). You can definitely keep the passion alive and sex can be even better, but know that it will be different as your relationship matures.

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