April 01, 2011 08:30 ET

Fermentations! Election Poll 2011-Can't We Just Get A Lager?

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 1, 2011) - On the premise that Ottawa would function better if members of parliament could solve problems over a pint of lager as opposed to simply arguing for sound bites, Fermentations! (www.fermentations.ca) Toronto's premiere on premise winery and brewery is once again giving the Canadians an opportunity to vote for which drink, and party should represent them in Ottawa.

"Each of the major national parties is represented by a different beverage that can be made at Fermentations!, with each beverage representing the attributes of the party" according to Charles Fajgenbaum, owner of Fermentations! The choices are:

GREEN PARTY MEAD Not very well known, but honey can make a large diversity of beverages, from sweet icewine style, to sparkling wines, or coolers- and can even be flavored. What do you want your Green Party mead to be?

NDP SPARKLING CIDER Popular in the countryside, and hoping to make bigger inroads with the city folk. Will 905 catch on to this sparkler before 416? Will the Left Coast fully embrace sparkling cider, and is it "pettilant" enough for Quebec?

LIBERAL RED ZINFANDEL Really not an American grape, low bitterness, with a good amount of fruit- though some might like more spice. Not to be confused with that sweet white zin of yesteryear, but can it stand out on its own?

CONSERATIVE PALE ALE Blonde in color, with a distinctive bitterness. You may think it goes down easy, but it comes back to bite you later. Priced well because of low taxes, but bottling user fees can be costly.

Fermentations! polls have been successfully predicting various ballots, going all the way back to the City Of Toronto Amalgamation. Election 2011 once again gives the Canadians a voice to make their opinions felt.

Voting can be done in person at Fermentations!, located at 201 Danforth Avenue, or by emailing your choice of beverage to charles@fermentations.ca.

According to Charles, "Election 2011 is like the neighbor that comes over just a little too often and drinks you dry before leaving. First, the red wine is taken, followed by a pale ale chaser. When you are not looking, your cider slakes his thirst, and then he leave with your last bottle of mead. You look in your fridge, and mutter under your breath Can't we just get a lager?"

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