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August 25, 2009 15:24 ET

FetchBack Finds That Enhanced Notice Has Positive, Not Negative Impact

Even Gains New Ad Clients Impressed by the Disclosure

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - August 25, 2009) - FetchBack Inc., the leading online Retargeting Company, today announced that after adding enhanced notice to retargeted ads that their clients experienced an increase in communication with consumers and did not see any change in the opt out rate.

On June 4th, Fetchback said that that all retargeted advertisements it served going forward would contain a link that gives consumers enhanced notice about why they were shown the ad. The tag at the bottom of every FetchBack ad takes consumers to a webpage where they can learn about the company that is retargeting them, and allow them to opt-out of all future FetchBack-served ads.

FetchBack's early data shows that there was little to no effect on opt out rates when you look at the same number of unique individuals reached within a similar time period before and after implementing enhanced notice. Additionally, there was increased consumer interaction about the ads themselves (e.g. consumers interested in learning more about the sale item featured in the retargeted ad they were shown.) FetchBack also received some inquiries from interested prospective clients and partners.

"At times it can be scary to think that you are giving such prominent notice and choice for consumers when it comes to behavioral targeting. It's important that those in the BT industry realize that Enhanced Notice actually opens the doors of communication, rather than closing them. Some hear the 'fears' coming from observers of the behavioral targeting hearings in Washington is that if the government legislates more stringent notice standards, that consumers will drop out of ad targeting faster than ever," says Chad Little, President / CEO of FetchBack. "The early results show that if you give consumers clear notice and choice about how their data is used, it does not undermine your business. We encourage the online ad industry to join us in this important step towards greater consumer choice and control over targeting data."

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