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April 11, 2007 15:35 ET

Fever Around American Idol Contestant Sanjaya Malakar Is So High That Bloggers Have Dropped His Last Name

Nielsen BuzzMetrics Brand Association Map Shows Sanjaya Has Extremely High Association With Campaigns Intended to Prevent His Elimination

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2007 -- Driven by a halo of cheering fans, cringing detractors and questions over voting integrity, public captivation over American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar is massive and reflected deeply in the blogosphere.

According to Nielsen BuzzMetrics, the global measurement standard in consumer-generated media, blog references to "Sanjaya Malakar" skyrocketed 338% the week ending April 8, 2007 versus week ending February 18, 2007, when he first reached critical mass. Sanjaya fever has reached such idyllic status that bloggers now refer to him primarily by his first name only, by a factor of three to one, with references to "Sanjaya" spiking 11-fold.

"Sanjaya has quickly become a pop-culture phenomenon and is significantly influencing the volume, tenor and tone of conversation around American Idol," said Pete Blackshaw, chief marketing officer, Nielsen BuzzMetrics. "Buzz analysis can help solve the riddle of viewer engagement and fan fanaticism, as well as explain broader sources of influence, like Howard Stern, Sanjaya's de facto campaign manager, in shaping and manipulating key outcomes, as well as"

Contestants, Hairdos, Attributes Drive Sanjaya Mental Associations

To better understand public sentiment and mental associations around Sanjaya, Nielsen BuzzMetrics filtered blog buzz through its Brand Association Map (BAM). By applying advanced text-mining algorithms to all American Idol blog discussion between March 19 and 30, Nielsen BuzzMetrics plotted the most important language, attributes, issues and themes about Sanjaya. With the most closely associated language nearest to the center, where the keyword "Sanjaya" resides, the BAM revealed that:

--  Sanjaya Malakar, one of the last remaining contestants, has few
    positive attributes.
--  Howard Stern and Vote for the Worst, were as closely associated to
    Sanjaya as American Idol, suggesting the two campaigns are supporting
    Sanjaya's notoriety.
--  Many bloggers agree that Sanjaya lacks talent and does not belong
    among the top contestants. Many fans think Sanjaya is making a "mockery" of
    the contest and believe it would be downright "wrong" if he won.
--  Beauty care companies are receiving an unsolicited, free dividend in
    viewer engagement around "hair" - as Sanjaya's hairdo is among the most
    associated topics.
Most Influential Entertainment, Celebrity Blogs Glued To Sanjaya

While Sanjaya has lured the attention of millions, he's especially captured it from the more influential entertainment, television and celebrity gossip blogs. Reality TV Magazine,, cityrag and Defamer are among the most influential blogs covering Sanjaya, based on the volume of other blogs discussing Sanjaya, and linking in since January 1, 2007.

                            Nielsen BuzzMetrics
              Blogs Most Cited by Other Blogs Discussing "Sanjaya"
                            01/01/07 – 04/08/07

Rank          Blog/Blog URL                     Total Blog      Total Blogs
                                              Posts Linking In  Linking In
1   Reality TV Magazine           63             40
2 - American Idol 24/7                           45             27
3   cityrag           63             25
4   Defamer, the L.A. Gossip Rag                          39             24
5   A Socialite's Life     53             23
6   TV Squad                 21             18
7   reality blurred + the reality TV news digest         13             13
8   TVgasm: The Best Recaps, News and Gossip
    in Television             18             12
9   Jossip - Celebrity + Media + Manhattan
    news and gossip           21             11
10  The Bastardly          20             11
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