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June 28, 2016 13:37 ET

Fiber Optics Redefined: Cleerline Technology Group Facilitates a Paradigm Shift in Data Cabling for the Home and Business

MISSOULA, MT--(Marketwired - June 28, 2016) - Cleerline SSF, with its incredible durability, safety, and ease of use, does not require a certified technician to work with fiber; instead anyone can quickly learn how to install and use SSF fiber. Cleerline SSF destroys the barriers previously inhibiting the widespread replacement of copper cabling with future proof fiber.

"Fiber is coming" has seemed like the battle cry for the better part of the last two decades, so why pay attention now? Every year some technology company seems to figure out how to bleed that last bit of extra bandwidth out of twisted pair category cable, so why can't they keep doing that forever? Why invest in the training, skill set, and frustration of dealing with fiber?

Fiber has gotten a whole lot simpler, and UTP is getting a whole lot more tedious. Fiber Optic Cabling has been around for decades. It is the backbone of our modern connected world -- there isn't a phone call we make that doesn't at some point within the communication stream go through a conversion from audio to electrical to light and back again. Yet the general sentiment in most technology markets outside of Datacomm and Telecommunications is that fiber is some mythically difficult to work with medium, and where ever possible try to engineer around its use unless absolutely necessary.

The truth is fiber is easier to work with than most people think, and now it is easier than ever before thanks to Cleerline SSF fiber. Cleerline has redefined fiber optics for the 21st century and it now truly makes sense to adopt fiber for use today which allows for easier transitions to new technology tomorrow, and it simply doesn't have to be scary.

It's a paradigm shift in thought about connectivity. With Category or UTP infrastructure the cable is constantly being reinvented or enhanced to accommodate the need for more bandwidth. Over the last decade, technology has evolved from Coax, to Cat5e, to Cat6, to Cat6a, to Cat7, and now on the horizon is Cat8 (will be released in 2016). In contrast, fiber optic cable has remained relatively constant in terms of its available bandwidth, rather it has been the hardware on each end that is being enhanced to utilize more of the bandwidth that is native in the cable. What would be easier to replace in just a few years? The cable in the walls or the boxes it is connected to?

Has fiber improved? Yes. Mechanically, Cleerline Technology Group has made a Stronger, Safer, Faster to terminate fiber optic cable that is helping their customers overcome all of the mythical hurdles fiber optics have had over the decades.

Cleerline's SSF technology breaks new ground for fiber installation.

  • Stronger - Cleerline SSF can take a 2.2mm bend and maintain a 31 year life expectancy. This makes SSF virtually indestructible during installation, and far exceeding the parameters of other fibers on the market as well as Category cable (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and soon to arrive Cat8).
  • Safer - Cleerline SSF will not puncture soft tissue, making Cleerline easier to handle, friendly to the touch, and any fragments left behind after installation are safe as well.
  • Faster - With Cleerline SSF, 50% of the necessary steps for in-field fiber termination have been eliminated with a mechanical splice connector, making fiber terminations easier than many copper equivalents. It is also faster to get up to speed with no training required -- 4 minute instructional videos take the end user step-by-step through the process, allowing anyone to get to speed installing fiber.

About Cleerline Technology Group: With the popularity of new 4K UHD video formats, network data distribution, and home entertainment systems, integrators are being required to go beyond obsolete copper based solutions and move to fiber optic based solutions to meet current and future demands of connectivity. Cleerline SSF advanced optical glass fibers are much stronger, safer, and faster terminating than typical fibers. Cleerline SSF products are proprietary brands of Cleerline Technology Group and the D'Addario Company. Cleerline relies on innovation, superior manufacturing standards, diverse in-house design, and devoted leadership. For more information visit or email us at

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