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Sierra Monitor Corporation

December 16, 2010 09:30 ET

FieldServer Technologies Receives BACnet Test Lab Certification

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2010) - Sierra Monitor Corporation (OTCBB: SRMC) announced that its wholly-owned division, FieldServer Technologies, has received Certification from the industry supported BACnet Test Lab for its ProtoNode gateway. BACnet is the premier communication protocol used to enable energy efficiency, facility safety and security, and occupant comfort in large buildings ranging from shopping malls to high rise offices, hotels and campuses. The BACnet Test Lab is chartered to award worldwide BTL Listings to qualified BACnet devices. ProtoNode is a gateway device that allows communications interface between field devices and central building management systems. Field devices include fire panels, generators, window controls, variable frequency drives, chillers, energy meters, lighting controls, boilers, and many other sub systems found in complex buildings.

FieldServer Technologies provides machine to machine protocols that run on serial and Ethernet platforms and designs and manufactures multiport gateway boxes that run the company's proprietary software enabling protocol conversion. The company's BACnet suite of protocols has been deployed for over five years. The BACnet certification provides a level of confidence for building integrators and system designers who require that the gateway language be totally compatible with the BACnet backbone control system.

The ProtoNode package is an electronic assembly sold under the product name ProtoCessor to original equipment manufacturers who install the electronic assembly into their product. The BTL certification applies to both Protonode and ProtoCessor assuring equipment manufacturers that their end product will comply with the BACnet Test Lab requirements.

About FieldServer Technologies and ProtoCessor

FieldServer Technologies, a wholly owned division of Sierra Monitor Corporation based in California, designs and markets a broad line of devices that enhance communication between various instruments, systems, machines and other devices that utilize non-compatible data protocols. FieldServer hardware combined with the company's extensive protocol driver library makes the perfect package to achieve interoperability. Drivers included in this library are Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys, Allen Bradley EtherNet/IP, and many fire alarm panels, controllers, and other proprietary and legacy devices.

The ProtoCessor brand incorporates FieldServer technology into a package designed for OEMs to incorporate on-board protocol conversion into their product.

About Sierra Monitor Corporation

Sierra Monitor Corporation designs, manufactures and sells electronic safety and environmental instrumentation. The company's hazardous gas detection systems can be found in a broad range of applications including US Navy ships, waste water treatment facilities, refineries, offshore oil platforms, chemical plants, parking garages and underground telephone vaults providing 24/7 protection of personnel and facilities. The company's unique protocol translator products enable communication between disparate electronic systems overcoming protocol language barriers. By enabling communication between central building automation systems and many electronic subsystems, such as fire panels, chillers and air handlers, Sierra Monitor assists with the integration of energy saving systems. The company's products improve the safety and comfort of workers while contributing to climate and natural resource protection. 

The company's vision is to capitalize on the expanding worldwide demand for knowledge-based products and services that improve operational performance, productivity, efficiency and safety in building automation, industrial, and military applications while reducing demands on resources and energy consumption.

Sierra Monitor is an established worldwide supplier of safety and environmental instruments.

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