March 10, 2010 09:03 ET

Fifth U.S. Patent Issued to Jumptap in Nine Months

Intellectual Property Portfolio Reflects Increasing Sophistication and Advancements of Mobile Advertising Systems

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - March 10, 2010) -  Jumptap, the leading mobile advertising provider and largest independent mobile ad network, today announced that it was awarded Patent No. 7,676,394 by the United States Patent Office on March 9, 2010.

The patent relates to an automated bid management system for dynamically managing bids for presentation of mobile content on a mobile communication facility operated by a user paying for use of the mobile communication facility with a wireless communications provider, wherein the mobile communication facility consists of a mobile phone, a cellular phone, or satellite phone, the system comprising a computer having a computer readable medium having stored thereon instructions which, when executed by a processor of the computer, causes the processor to perform the steps of:

  • receiving first data representative of the type of a mobile content of a sponsor for presentation on the mobile communication facility, wherein the first data is derived from contextual data associated with the mobile content;

  • receiving second data representative of a content viewing history of the user of the mobile communication facility;

  • receiving third data representative of purchase prices paid by the user for a plurality of previously purchased mobile content, wherein the purchase prices are invoiced by the wireless communications provider to the user;

  • calculating an expected value for use in determining a bid amount to sponsor the mobile content, wherein calculation of the expected value is based at least on the first, second, and third data received, wherein the expected value is an expected advertiser revenue or an expected conversion yield; and

  • dynamically altering the bid amount to reflect a change in the expected value, wherein determination that the expected value is to change is based on the probability that the user will view, interact with, or execute a transaction associated with the mobile content, wherein the probability that the user will view, interact with, or execute a transaction associated with the mobile content is based on one or more of:

    • a hardware or software characteristic of the mobile communication facility;

    • a demographic characteristic of the user of the mobile communication facility provided by the user at the time of subscribing with the wireless communications provider; and

    • a current location of the mobile communication facility.

"Jumptap's culture of innovation emanates from a deep rooted drive to succeed and overachieve," stated Dan Olschwang, President and CEO of Jumptap. "Traditionally a company's agility decreases as it get bigger, yet Jumptap's growth has fostered our power to innovate and overwhelmingly differentiates us in this market. Our IP portfolio reflects Jumptap's secret sauce -- a team dedicated to innovation that works tirelessly to continuously bring the most advanced mobile technologies to market."

The patent is one of five issued in less than nine months. Since June 16, 2009, Jumptap has been issued four other patents, Numbers 7548915, 7577665, 7603360 and 7660581. The company currently has over 70 published patent applications and anticipates receiving additional patents over the coming quarters. Jumptap works with the GTC Law Group, Webb Law Firm, and Strategic Patents, P.C. in conjunction with its patent applications.

"Morgan Stanley recently predicted that more users will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years. Mobile advertising is achieving equally rapid growth in adoption and acceptance as the most effective channel for reaching and engaging consumers," said Jorey Ramer, Founder, Vice President of Corporate Development and a named inventor on the patent. "Advertisers are increasingly demanding more sophisticated capabilities from mobile advertising solution providers. Our patent portfolio is a direct reflection of our early innovation, greater R&D investment, and superior functionality."

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Jumptap operates the largest independent premium mobile advertising network in North America and Europe, offering the largest unique user footprint with a penetration of approximately 44 million unique visits a month in the US alone. Jumptap leverages its highly advanced, sophisticated algorithmic engine and unique IP to deliver the best ROI for advertisers and the highest monetization for publishers. The result is a network of mobile websites and applications that combine best-in-class content and services together with highly relevant advertising to create an experience that appeals to the mobile consumer. Flexible solutions offer both fixed CPM and bidded CPC campaigns. In addition, Jumptap's tapLink platform allows mobile operators to manage inventory distribution to third-party ad networks, optimize yield across such networks, and provide the best performance for advertisers. For more information, visit or follow us on

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