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November 06, 2013 13:10 ET

Fighting for Your Right to Vape in Lakewood, CA

City Council's Proposed Ordinance Would Ban E-Cig Use in No Smoking Areas

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 6, 2013) - Lakewood City Council is moving to ban e-cigarette use in all existing smoke-free areas, and the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is calling on "vapers" in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area to take action to oppose the senseless proposal. The City Council will convene to discuss the ordinance at 7:30 pm on the 12th of November. Without adequate opposition from electronic cigarette advocates, this proposal may go through effectively unchallenged.

The ordinance would dictate that e-cigs be regulated in the same way as cigarettes in Lakewood. This means that using an e-cigarette in a public place or restaurant would be in violation of state law if the ordinance is passed. The council is also preparing zoning regulations which would set specific allowable areas for stores specializing in e-cigarettes or tobacco products.

CASAA is calling on its members to take action because the restriction on "vaping" in public places isn't scientifically justified. Currently available evidence states that the level of chemical exposure from e-cigs doesn't constitute a risk even for first-hand users, so any allegation of second-hand risk is frankly absurd. Smoking bans are designed to protect bystanders from harmful second-hand effects, and these don't exist with e-cigarettes. Therefore, similar restrictions should not apply to "vaping."

SB 648 -- a similar state-level bill -- was postponed earlier this year due to a lack of support. The Lakewood ordinance is flawed in all the same ways, because there is no evidence of harm to bystanders, e-cigs are easily distinguishable from tobacco cigarettes and if anything, people using e-cigarettes in public places would encourage more smokers to make the switch.

The City Council Meeting is scheduled for the 12th of November at 7:30 pm, and will be held at Council Chambers (5000 Clark Avenue). E-cigarette users are being encouraged to attend to lend their voices to the chorus of dissatisfaction and to contact council members to express their views on the proposals.

Disclaimer: CASAA is dedicated to protecting reduced harm smoke-free alternatives, but does not endorse this message or EcigaretteReviewed.

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