May 25, 2010 10:00 ET

Fiji at the Forefront With and NBC Great Getaways' Latest Broadcast Launch to Air on NBC

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 25, 2010) - and NBC Great Getaways series show what Fiji can do if you let a family of five loose in this fantastical string of resort islands in the far South Pacific. The island nation hosted the family of Dave Mulligan, star of the NBC Great Getaways series, recently to show that, while romance is in the air at such exclusive couples-only hideaways as Tokoriki, Fiji is really a one place fits all destinations. 

Mulligan showcases not only the amazing sunsets to be enjoyed from bay-hugging "bures" but also the kayaking to be done with the tides on the Salt River at the Koro Sun Resort; the couples massages on the beach, horseback riding through the surf, and kit boarding through the waves at Sonaisali; dolphin chasing, starfish gazing, and private-island hopping that can be managed from a variety of Fijian settings all very accessible from American shores.

He also visits schools in the rainforested valleys where children play and learn and get soccer games going with willing travelers, thanks to grants provided by the local Fiji Water Foundation; and goes inside the Fiji Water plant to see just what does go into making those ubiquitous square plastic bottles of clear H2O. Click here for the NBC Great Getaways "Specials" to Fiji: is among the most comprehensive site on the web, the worldwide directory for all tours and vacations as well as destination information for travel all over the globe. While Great Getaways presents the life and color of the land it is exploring, rounds out the travel information with a full complement of companies offering travel and tours to these areas, check out the specials offered to Fiji. With travelers can choose their destinations, choose their desired experiences within those destinations and come up with businesses, services or companies that can provide those trips and experiences at the right price and with the right conditions. A community of travelers is at the ready for sharing through's TravelPeeks page, soon to debut. And travel agents and operators are at the ready through discussion groups and virtual conversations to provide expert answers to travel and tourism questions of all kinds within this new forum.

NBC Great Getaways and have a number of new segments in the pipeline that will be airing both on local NBC channels around the US as well as on the website. They include immersions into the wild world of the South African veld, colorful jaunts through Mexico, pub-crawls through Ireland and more. Stay tuned. Visit and 

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