January 09, 2014 08:00 ET

Fiksu Introduces Retargeting to Drive Engagement Across the Complete App Usage Lifecycle

Mobile App Market Reaching Critical Mass: Demands New Tools for Re-engagement, Cross Promotion, and Cross Platform Targeting

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 9, 2014) - Fiksu, Inc. (, developer of award-winning app marketing technologies, today introduced Fiksu Retargeting, the industry's first, single-source, mobile retargeting product that spans the entire app ecosystem. With this new offering, brands can cost-efficiently re-engage lapsed or inactive users, while precisely marketing across platforms and maximizing mobile revenue.

Industry data* shows that more than half of U.S. marketers believe retargeting is one of the most important forms of targeting. However, without access to cookies and tracking pixels common to desktop marketing, retargeting on mobile has proven extremely challenging. Fiksu has introduced Retargeting to reflect the fast-growing demand by large brands, agencies, and game publishers for robust marketing technologies that can provide re-engagement and cross-promotion to large audiences of existing users.

Fiksu Retargeting is a cohesive, unified marketing solution that reaches and optimizes traffic across all significant media sources -- from RTB exchanges to Facebook to major ad networks like Google Adwords -- for comprehensive mobile retargeting. Publishers can quickly achieve positive ROI through the solution's unified reach, consistent measurement capabilities, and increased opportunities for optimized spend. In addition, Fiksu can optimize across user acquisition and retargeting campaigns, ensuring optimal ROI for every dollar invested by clients.

Results from big brands and mobile-first app publishers alike have been compelling. "We love getting smarter about marketing PGATOURCaddie, and are excited to be an early adopter of Fiksu Retargeting," said Ben Addoms, President at Shotzoom. "Fiksu is continually adding new technologies to their impressive toolkit, and we're confident, based on early results, that Retargeting will become another successful component of our app marketing strategy."

Fiksu Retargeting addresses app publishers' critical marketing challenges, turning them into new opportunities, including:

  • Re-engaging abandoned or lapsed users: Retargeting offers a cost-efficient way to re-engage lost or lapsed users and encourage them to become active again.
  • Cross-promoting products: When updates or new apps are released, publishers can precisely target and reach former users through simplified cross-promotion. 
  • Retrieving "stuck in funnel" users: Publishers can re-activate users that have downloaded an app but have never taken an action, such as registering or making an in-app purchase.
  • Marketing across platforms: Bridge desktop, phone, and tablet usage through retargeting -- migrate desktop users to mobile and drive enhanced performance.

Fiksu Retargeting is built on the Fiksu Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform -- a highly scalable and cohesive technology foundation that provides historical data -- in the form of 194 billion recorded app events -- end-to-end performance tracking on iOS and Android, ongoing optimization, and detailed analysis and reporting. The Fiksu Platform harnesses the power of the entire app ecosystem, and is unique in its extensive integrations with ad networks, RTB exchanges, app stores, and third party trackers. It also includes access to FreeMyApps, which drives app engagement and discovery by offering rewards to an extremely engaged audience of more than 1.6 million monthly active users.

"As the mobile app market continues to mature, brands have set their sights on sophisticated goals beyond basic user acquisition, aiming to reach their target users across multiple barriers: over time and across apps and device platforms," said Micah Adler, CEO and founder, Fiksu. "Marketers have already experienced the power of retargeting on the desktop, and for the first time, Fiksu is bringing this valuable tool to mobile. It's the perfect complement to user acquisition marketing, allowing advertisers to maximize the value of their user acquisition investments."

About Fiksu
Fiksu is the leading provider of mobile app marketing products that help app and game marketers reach their user acquisition goals. The company's patent-pending Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform applies intelligent technology to proprietary big data to master ALL the challenges of mobile advertising -- including tracking, optimization, media buying and integration. This cohesive approach spans the entire mobile ecosystem and ultimately delivers the best marketing performance. Additionally, Fiksu offers FreeMyApps®, the world's largest app discovery platform where users are rewarded. Based in Boston, Mass., Fiksu is venture-backed by Qualcomm Ventures and Charles River Ventures. More at, @Fiksu, and on the Fiksu blog.

*Source: eMarketer, "Marketers Turn to Search Retargeting for Branding, Direct Response Goals," August 23, 2012.