Dianne Mandal

October 14, 2009 03:00 ET

Filipina Novelist Introduces 'Paninap', a Temporary Dwelling Place for Dead People

MANAMA, BAHRAIN--(Marketwire - Oct. 14, 2009) - "She Was Ylian" by Dianne Mandal introduces an imaginary place situated beyond this life, yet not quite Heaven. A place no one ever thought existed. A place called Paninap, where those who die young go.

Ylian, the twenty-two year-old Filipina protagonist, does not die in a car accident or a violent crime, as many people do. She dies of a heart attack of a rare cause, leaving behind her loving parents, her adorable sisters, a promising career, and a romantic relationship with Miguel.

From then on, she unwillingly stays in Paninap to journey for forty days, just to discover that there is more painful than dying. She joins Micah, and a thousand others, as they visit the dreams of living people – family, friends, and strangers – for a chance to say their final good-byes.

As the death of each important character is told, the novel reveals why it is hard for the dead to accept their sad and unforgivable fate. The author tries to expose their untold feelings, unsatisfied desires, and unfulfilled lives.

"This novel does not talk about the mourning family left behind by the dead. That's usually what we see, the stories we read, the only grief we know. The dead see, too. They hear the talking, as much as they hear the weeping. This novel makes us listen to them," Dianne said, when asked why one should read her novel.

"It is a wonderful experience to be able to entertain and teach an essential lesson, both at the same time through a novel. I have received a lot of comments saying I made them cry. It's not me at all. Ylian, she made them cry. I want every young person to know that life can end at any moment. So value it," Dianne added.

"She Was Ylian" is set to launch on November 2, 2009, available initially at Authorhouse.com.

About the Author

Dianne Mandal is a twenty-five year-old movie enthusiast from the Philippines. Her favorite movies include The Lord of the Rings and Kingdom of Heaven.

Though she has never read a complete novel, she studied writing on her own. "She Was Ylian" is her first work. She is currently writing the sequel of "She Was Ylian," this time being narrated by the male protagonist.

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