October 30, 2014 17:51 ET

FilmOn Networks Hits DoubleVerify With Major Suit, Uncovers Systemic Use of Malware

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwired - October 30, 2014) - The online ad verification company that uses the slogan "Trust in Advertising" was hit with a major suit by FilmOn Networks over its misclassification of the video site as a copyright infringer and an adult content site. The suit, filed by Baker Marquart at Superior Court in Los Angeles County, alleges that DoubleVerify ignored attempts to communicate, ignored information showing both claims were false and willfully continued its campaign to hurt FilmOn's advertising business.

"The importance of this suit is not merely financial," says Alki David, CEO of FilmOn Networks. "It's a matter of standing up to a company that has become an industry bully. DoubleVerify acts with seeming impunity, throwing businesses under the bus unethically as a way to rake in more cash and clients."

Further the suit alleges that DoubleVerify makes use of malware -- the code for it can be found here -- that is involved in some kind of pop up ad scheme that has disrupted consumer's computers over a four year period. These allegations of criminal acts have been communicated to the FBI and (because Delaware based DoubleVerify has an office in London) to Scotland Yard.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal, Double Verify CEO Oren Netzer dodged the malware allegation, seemingly calling it a coincidence. (Though the malware is locked into DoubleVerify's domain -- so it is impossible they do not have control over it).

It is widely documented that DoubleVerify scours the Internet taking screenshots of prospective clients' ads on inappropriate sites. It's an aggressive tactic that has won them no friends in the fearful industry and has been compared to paying "protection money." "The fact that we are in Washington DC right now as a part of the online MVPD classification process is turning that tide," said David. "And these cut throat opportunists will no longer have cover for inappropriately flagging us."

FilmOn has spent millions of dollars buying up content in recent years and adding to its over 600 licensed TV channels at Its 40 million monthly unique users -- mostly young men -- make for an attractive market and plenty of ad networks are doing good business with FilmOn. Still, Netzer's tactics have cost FilmOn business with at least one major network.

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