July 15, 2008 12:51 ET

FIMAC Updates Risk Analytics® ALM Model With Variance Report

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - July 15, 2008) - FIMAC Solutions, LLC, an experienced developer of risk management and profitability software for the banking industry, has updated its Risk Analytics® ALM Model to include a Variance Report that improves model auditing, reduces errors, and helps to identify shifts and trends in an institution's positions.

The Risk Analytics® ALM Model, with backtesting, is a dynamic income simulation and net present value asset and liability management (ALM) model. The ALM Model is a high quality cost-effective solution to address the interest rate risk of financial institutions and it satisfies all the major regulatory and accounting requirements. FIMAC uses a software as a service (SAAS) format, so the ALM Model, controlled by the user, processes on a central web-based server and does not require the purchase of software.

The new Variance Report, included free of charge to ALM Model customers, is designed to highlight significant differences that may occur in data inputs and results as compared to previous model runs. The report functions as an error checking system, provides assistance in model auditing, and allows an asset and liability committee (ALCO) to clearly understand shifts and trends in the institution's positions.

"Regulators love these types of reports because they recognize that institutions must understand their models and be able to identify and correct any errors in them," said veteran former banker Gregory W. Doner, Chairman and CEO of FIMAC Solutions, LLC.

The items that are detailed in the new Variance Report include material changes in the following categories:

--  Balance Sheet Composition
--  Investment Portfolio Yields
--  Market Value Gain/Loss on Investments
--  Market Value Volatility on Investments
--  Durations
--  Investment Portfolio Yields
--  Proforma
--  Proforma Volatility
--  Reinvestment Rates
--  Index Rates
--  Budget
--  Changes in Subjective Assumptions
--  New Accounts

The new Variance Report is currently available with the Risk Analytics® ALM Model. For further information, please contact FIMAC Solutions at (303) 320-1900 or visit

FIMAC Solutions, LLC, provides Creative Analytic Solutions for Depository Institutions. Based in Denver, Colorado, FIMAC specializes in providing the financial services industry with banking software focusing on risk management and profitability solutions. The Company's flagship product, Risk Analytics® ALM Model, is well recognized throughout the industry with approximately 350 placements. Further information is available at

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