Seniors In Need

May 31, 2012 09:26 ET

Finally a Resource to Help Seniors in Need

Website Provides Lifeline to Impoverished Seniors Across Canada

Grassroots Plea to Link Impoverished Seniors With Caring Canadians

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 31, 2012) -

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Finally a straightforward way to connect seniors who need assistance with generous Canadians wanting to donate took a huge step forward today, with the launch of an online registry

The website and registry is the brainchild of Peter Cook an advocate for seniors in need and philanthropist, who has seen the abject poverty and desperation many seniors face and wanted to help.

Peter's organization Seniors In Need™ is reaching out to non profit organizations and associations across the country and asking them to use the new website and registry to post requests for assistance for eligible seniors in hopes of connecting the senior with a donor.

So far a dozen nursing agencies and community organizations have signed up posting requests such as:

  • 74 year old with health issues needs a hearing aide but can't afford it.
  • 87 year old Veteran needs help with grocery shopping
  • A 74-year-old woman needs help to pay $48 for an exercise program to live independently

"To my knowledge," says Cook, "there is no national organization dedicated solely to helping seniors. I am hopeful this will change and improve a lot of peoples lives."

Seniors in Need™ will review the submissions to ensure they meet the criteria to sponsor a candidate. For example, organizations must be easily identifiable nonprofits and the senior must be sixty-five years or older and lack the financial resources to provide the necessities of life.

The name of the sponsoring organization and the circumstance of the senior, including the community, will be identified so donors can gave give back to their respective communities. The donor deals directly with the sponsoring organization to make the donation.

In March, Mr. Cook made a presentation to a standing committee of the Senate of Canada, stating that poverty among seniors is a major but hidden issue, creating isolation and health issues, yet there is no charity specifically and exclusively devoted to helping seniors.

About Seniors In Need ™

SeniorsInNeed™ is a grassroots plea to link impoverished Canadian seniors with concerned donors in Canada who want to help a senior in need and make a difference by offering services and or support through a simple on-line not for profit registry and website (

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