SOURCE: Unique Pretzel

February 09, 2016 10:00 ET

Finally a Tasty Snack That's Actually Good for You

READING, PA--(Marketwired - February 09, 2016) - Health-conscious consumers have been looking forward to the day when they can have a snack that tastes great and not only isn't bad for you, it's actually good!

Well, that day has finally arrived. Snacks are starting to appear on grocer's shelves that are made from sprouted, whole grain flour instead of refined, white flour. They taste fantastic, yet the sprouted whole-grains are easier to digest so that your body can better absorb the nutrients.

For those of you who don't know what sprouted whole grain is (which is the vast majority of us), consider that regular refined flours, when consumed, become starches that require pancreatic enzymes to digest. They can raise blood sugar and are usually converted to body fat, not energy. If you're diabetic, you know all about this.

Sprouted whole grain is completely different. To make sprouted grain requires a complex process that duplicates nature's balance of sunshine and rain to sprout organic whole grains into plants, so that your body can digest the flour as a vegetable not as dried seeds or starches. Flour made from sprouted whole grains that has been properly sprouted is actually classified as a vegetable by the USDA.

One of the leading producers of these new sprouted whole grain snacks is Unique Pretzel, a sixth-generation baker located in the pretzel capital of Reading, Pa. Their pretzels are baked using a carefully guarded family recipe that was developed in the late 1800s when the Spannuth family first began baking in Pennsylvania.

Their unique baking process sets their pretzels apart -- they let the raw pretzel rest to perfection and then, when ready, the pretzel is placed in the oven where it bursts open, creating bubbles and crevices that are crunchy and full of flavor. With their slow-baked, all-natural process, each and every individual "split" pretzel is delicious.

The process used to prepare the sprouted whole grains in Unique sprouted pretzels is also different than other producers. An organic rinse is used to wash the grains to retain all the good bio-agents in them. This results in a product that is easily digestible and diabetic-friendly. (Unique has a great video that explains this process in more detail:

As further evidence of how wholesome Unique sprouted pretzels are, the bag lists just four ingredients: organic sprouted 100 percent whole wheat flour, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and yeast. Can't get any simpler than that!

In recognition of this and their many other achievements, Unique Pretzel was voted "2016 Snack Producer of the Year" by a leading industry publication.

Best of all, these healthy snacks taste great. Try them for yourself and you'll see. They're available in many retail outlets and from the Unique Pretzel website: They'll ship them directly to you.

Here's to good -- and healthy -- eating!

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