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April 12, 2005 00:06 ET

Finally ... Worry-Free Email! No More Spam, Email Viruses or Security Threats

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 12, 2005 -- The growing number of Internet users can once again enjoy a spam and virus-free email experience with friends, family and business associates using the most advanced version of, a product of Scottsdale-based Black & White, LLC.

Company founder David Thomas reports that Version 2.0 of, released March 30, 2005, resolves the nuisance factors and security concerns for the wired-public. "Currently, unsolicited email accounts for nearly 84% of all email traffic and is responsible for some of the most damaging virus attacks," Thomas asserts.

While communication is the number one reason many people go online, the epidemic of unsolicited email has created a lack of confidence in privacy and security. "We know the public is looking for security and ease of operation when using email," Thomas explained. "For just pennies a day, provides100% spam- and virus-free protection for individual, family and small business accounts."

Here is how works: A sender verification process, referred to as Challenge/Response, requires the sender to authenticate the email as a legitimate mailbox address if not already listed in the user's authorized contact list. This eliminates the access of all automated junk mail systems. Once the sender completes the simple sender verification process, email will be accepted for delivery and undergo virus scanning prior to being deposited in the user's inbox near instantly.

"We recognized early on that filtering email solely on its content is completely ineffective," explains Thomas. "Our sender authentication process coupled with content filtering produces a completely effective solution to unwanted email. Anything less than 100% effective is simply not acceptable." is a hassle-free service with no downloads or updates to manage. Complete email access and control is easily accomplished with Version 2.0's Webmail interface. Customers can continue to use their favorite email program and existing email addresses. Other account features include mail access anywhere Internet is available, retrieval of lost or deleted email, file sharing of pictures and other media with the optional online storage feature and protecting multiple mailboxes under one account.

With SpamElimination, you can once again enjoy communicating online without the worries of fraud, virus and all unwanted content. Just as our motto implies, "If it's unwanted, it shouldn't be there!"

To obtain additional product information contact Dave Thomas at (480) 785-5479 or visit our website at - What's in Your Inbox?

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