RepVisor Portfolio Systems Inc.

RepVisor Portfolio Systems Inc.

March 05, 2015 10:00 ET

The Finance Industry's Best-Kept Secret: RepVisor's Mehmet Baltacioglu Is Making it Easy for Canadian Advisors With RepVisor Analytics

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 5, 2015) - Dr. Mehmet Baltacioglu, the person behind the development of over 30 innovative software solutions in the past 3 decades with Winsoft, is at it again - this time making it easy for Canadian advisors to manage existing investor portfolio account details effortlessly with the ground-breaking software RepVisor Analytics.

Mehmet Baltacioglu, President of RepVisor Portfolio Systems Inc., is no stranger to the old guard of the financial industry in North America. For many younger financial professionals, Dr. Baltacioglu's name may not ring a bell - but it soon will. His new initiative, RepVisor is poised to change the way advisors interact with their customers as they create their clients' customized portfolios.

With a simplified data entry system, RepVisor allows for account details to be entered effortlessly or imported from back office or Fundcom exports and then guides the advisor in the development of a comprehensive client Investor Policy Statement (IPS). Once completed, the system assesses the IPS and recommends an asset mix to meet the individual's risk profile.

RepVisor's powerful "editor" tool allows advisors to search for funds which best fit the client's recommended asset mix while seamlessly integrating with the IPS. Once necessary buy and sell lists are created to achieve the model portfolio allocation, RepVisor permits the advisor to monitor the portfolio to ensure it remains within the guidelines of the IPS.

"We are proud of the design and the technology we have implemented to create RepVisor," states Dr. Baltacioglu. "It will be a game changer for the forward thinking financial advisor and make their job infinitely easier."

RepVisor addresses compliance concerns at the advisor and dealer levels as it allows both to be entirely proactive with every one of their clients' portfolios, and rebalance them immediately if they drift offside of their predetermined asset allocation.

"Clients want to know if their advisor is on top of things," says Baltacioglu.

"When Mehmet showed me the new system, I could not believe my eyes when I saw how easy RepVisor made it for an advisor to model and monitor an effective customer portfolio," remarked Colin Baldwin from Back Office Consultants Ltd. "The system is a dream come true for my customers. They've all been asking for a system like this for years," Mr. Baldwin added.

RepVisor analytics takes the guesswork out of designing financial portfolios, and frees up valuable time for an advisor to grow their business. RepVisor is now available for a free 30-day trial which you may register for by going to

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