February 01, 2010 09:08 ET

Financial Crisis Opens Up New Opportunities for Non-Traditional Retail Banks

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - February 1, 2010) - has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report, "Non-Traditional Players in Retail Banking: The Customer Opportunity," to their collection of Banking & Financial Services market reports. For more information, visit

The financial crisis has had a huge impact upon the banking world. Many established banks have been weakened, subject to tougher regulation, and suffering from diminished trust. This has created an opening for non-traditional providers to move in and take advantage of their stronger reputations. However, they also need to be aware of obstacles, such as customer inertia, that stand in their way.


--  Strengths that can provide non-traditional entrants with a competitive
    edge over established banks, such as expertise in customer analytics.
--  Weaknesses that such providers need to deal with, such as high levels
    of customer inertia and the difficulties faced in selling advice-led
--  Opportunities that will benefit these institutions; for example,
    technological developments lowering the costs of entry.
--  Threats that exist to the well-being of new, non-traditional providers,
    such as lack of expertise in the provision of financial services.


Expertise in database management and customer analytics gives supermarkets and other retailers a competitive advantage over the banks when it comes to marketing products and services.

Non-traditional providers will find it extremely difficult to overcome the high degree of inertia in the current account market.

Not having launched operations in the immediate aftermath of the banking crisis means that prospective entrants may have missed their best window of opportunity to win over disaffected customers.

Reasons to Purchase

--  Presents case studies of providers who have already entered, or are in
    the process of entering, the financial services industry.
--  Highlights the main strengths that new entrants to retail banking can
    exploit, as well as the weaknesses they need to contend with.
--  Discusses the opportunities that exist in the market for
    non-traditional providers, and the threats to their prospects for

Topics covered in the report include...
Executive Summary
     Datamonitor concludes that new providers will have only a limited
       impact on the market
     Non-traditional players seeking to enter the banking market face
       mixed prospects 
     The case for non-traditional players
     The case against non-traditional players
     The banking crisis has created an ideal climate for new entrants
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